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So I've got the AMD 965BE up and running at 3.9Ghz w/o issue with stock voltage and cooler in this case. It is LOUD though. I'd like to upgrade the CPU heatsink/fan. This case will do up to 163cm heatsinks. On air cooling, (up to $75 is not an issue), what is the best air cooler I can run in this case to hit 4Ghz or higher? I'd like that speed, but I'd take the current speed if significantly quieter.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. The best bang for your buck is always the hyper 212 EVO. It is one of the best rated heat sink out there.

    You can also check our other higher performance heat sinks, link below for your reference. MAKE SURE you check the specs before purchase to see if the heatsinks are compatible with your system.
  2. loo at new silent fans for heatsink, they'll run quieter but probably won't make it much cooler.
  3. Have looked at reviews for the CM 212 Evo, and bought one today, along with two Vantec 120mm Stealth fans. This will probably rock, will update. Thanks for the input!
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