I7 2600 + gtx 560

Ok so I finished my new build. Went from E6600@2,4GHz gts250 To an I7 2600 (not 2600k) and a GTX560 MSI.

Spec: sandy bridge I7 2600
GTX560 msi
Apevia 500watts
Mobo:(not at home will edit)
WD 1TO 7200rpm
multi cd/dvd drive

Really huge upgrade and all dandy. But for a week I was using the GTS250 since the gtx560 wasnt arrived. I was playing every game without problem.
But yesterday.....YEAHH my GTX560 :D plugged and updated. start the pc. start BF3.

After 15 min at high/ultra I was getting huge lag issue. stopped everything and changed drivers for the new beta 290.65 I think.

No freeze and everything cool but now after 15-30 min of gaming the PC just close or go black screen...need to reset.

So I did a GPU benchmark see if theres any problem with the GPU (used Furmark.) I limit it at 100 celcius since my PC usually run high temp since I run 2 big screen and near a fire source on winters. 1 min of testing and BOOM.

Everything closed, can't open the pc... I took my little PSU tester and theres 1/6 light open, which is bad.
I took an old one(PSU), took out the GTX560 and ran the PC on 1 screen on the mobo integraded gpu.

Everything is fine that way. So now, I have 2 guess

1.My PSU is dead because it wasnt able to provide enough watts or wasnt able on a stable 1 min testing. (what I really think)

2. My GPU was kinda DOA and its made my PSU go boom also...(My poor 2nd guess)

PS: Sorry for the English.
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  1. I will go with guess 1 :D
  2. Here are some thoughts on ur PSU back from 2008 :D


    You must have had it for quite some time, since its al old and not very good PSU its probably at fault.
  3. Honestly it was barely 2 months old :O

    guess I will try to get a refund or something with warranty and buy this one

  4. and thanks by the way!

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