No surround sound Through HDMI GeForce GTS 450

Hello all and thank you for reading this. I recently bought a Galaxy geforce gts 450 for my computer. Everything installed just fine the only problem is that I only get 2.0 for the audio. I have an HDMI from my card to my TV and then a optical cable to my reciever and in windows the only option is for stereo when configuring the sound through the HDMI. Is there something I am doing wrong??

Thanks for your input.
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  1. did you disable on board sound in the BIOS or did you go into the control panel/sound and choose the HDMI ?
  2. Thanks for your reply, I have googled the heck out of this problem but cant find a solution and I have the latest drivers.

    I went to the control panel/sound and enabled the HDMI and I get sound but the only option is stereo 2.0 and it should be able to do 7.1. Do you think it is because I have an HDMI to my TV and then an optical cable to my receiver??
  3. Ok I figured it out, you have to have HDMI to the TV and the reciever. It wont work if you mix an HDMI cable and an optical. Had to barrow the one from my family room to find that out.
  4. bring up PLAYBACK DEVICES and click on the HDMI and then click CONFIGURE button on the bottom. It will allow you to select a 7.1 speaker setup. that will turn the sound into a 7.1 PCM stream
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