My pc won't boot bad psu or mobo or cpu

my pc won't boot whenever i try to turn on my pc nothing happens no lights , no beep sounds , no hd light only one yellow light is glowing on motherboard , from 4-5 days my pc was causing problem , whenever i started my pc it would run for 2-3 minutes and gets off by itself but sometimes it would run for 4-5 hours without getting off and my cmos battery was also faulty at starting it says ' press f1 to go to setup and f2 to load default values ' but i don't think it has something to do with it so please help me guys

my pc specs
Intel core 2 duo E7500 @ 2.93ghz
mobo- asus p5kpl am in
ram - 2gb
hdd - 320 gb
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  1. and you are missing your psu specs/model O_o
  2. Its an iball 250 watt psu
  3. When this happened did you notice any weird acidic smell coming from the computer? Any poof of smoke or burn marks on the PSU? My first guess would be a blown PSU. I would replace that and see if it fixes the problem. If it doesn't then it could be the motherboard (or possibly both) Sometimes when a cheap PSU blows it takes hardware like the motherboard and video cards along with it. Like I said I would replace the PSU first and hope it didn't take the motherboard or any other hardware with it.
  4. No there wasn't any smell coming out of psu but from 10-11 days my cpu was making grinding noises i think that was because of my cheap psu , when last time i switched on my pc the power button light was on for a second but it was very faded and then it went off and now nothing happens no beeps no lights no bios screen just a light glowing on motherboard .
  5. Sounds a bit to me like your PSU is too low on power or faulty.

    As a test I would go to your bios and let it hang there. If it starts to faulter it is probably either the PSU or mobo. If you heard grinding there is only a few moving parts in your rig. Fans, Powersupply Fan, Processor fan and Hard drive.
    You will only hear the hard drive grinding when booting into windows, not the bios.

    The mobo saying press F1 for settings etc is a natural reaction to a crash/power failure, not neccesarily to do with the battery

    edit: Are you sure you see a yellow light, your manual states a green led only?
  6. Ya there's only one greenish or yelloish i dont know colur led light is glowing on the motherboard and it isn't even booting so that i can go to the bios or do anything , and will it effect my hdd because i cant afford to lose my all data , i have decided to change the psu .
  7. And did the new PSU work?
  8. No i haven't changed it yet because i wanted to ask you which psu should i get because i'm going to buy ati radeon hd 5770 so tell me a good psu which can hanle my pc ati pretty well and one more question will my asus p5kpl am in be able to handle ati radeon hd 5770
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    You require 6.25 amps on the 12v rail for your graphics card alone. So going for a dual rail design like a OCZ Modx 500watt gives you 36amps across both rails or a Be Quiet 530W Pure Power (35amps 12vrails). This will allow you to upgrade later down the line and give full system compatibility for now.
    But if you are really on a budget a Artic Power 450w will do (no expandability for furture though)
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  11. Thanks for all your help and support .
  12. I would go with a good quality 500-550 watt PSU. Seasonic and Corsair make very reliable good quality PSU's.
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