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So I built a new computer yesterday and everything is running fine until it freezes up during a video after a long day on. I download and run SpeedFan and see that the CPU (i5 2500k) is idling between 60-90C. It also shows an AUX at 90ishC, but I'm not sure what that is. I haven't done any overclocking.

I bought all the parts at a store that does the mounting of the CPU and RAM for you and then checks that their working, so I'm wondering if my problem is they did a poor job applying the thermal paste?

However, the place I live in also has no AC and the room can get pretty warm now that winter is over. The rest of my SpeedFan readings are low, though, so wondering if CPU is just more susceptible to the room's temperature?

The case I got also only has 1 fan, so I'm wondering if getting an extra fan and keeping my room cooler will help? or is this an issue with the mounting of the CPU and I should probably take it back to the store? or probably just a combination of all of the above?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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  1. Try RealTemp, Core Temp, or HWMonitor to see what they say.

    If they agree with SpeedFan, then that does sound like poor thermal paste application and/or a not fully seated HSF, but try taking off the side of the case to see if that helps. If is does, then I'd say you have poor airflow. I wouldn't think that that's the main problem, since you say that everything else seems to have normal temps, but either way, an extra fan or two couldn't hurt anyway.

    And yes, high ambient temps can affect CPU temp, but if everything else is cool enough, I'd say you're ok there.
  2. Thanks for your response, DJ.

    So I just spent about 20mins idling at the BIOS and the CPU temp stayed at 43C. Does this mean I have a software issue that is overworking my CPU (CPU usage generally remains at around 0-5%, though), or does idling in BIOS just not use enough CPU power that it's impossible for it to overheat?

    I'm running Windows 7 64-bit and I've only installed a handful of necessary apps from Ninite and running Steam in the background.
  3. After looking at HWMonitor more closely for a bit, the CPUIN value under my mobo temperatures is the value that's overheating, but none of the cores under Intel Core i5 2500k are. Any idea what that means?

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    Actually, the temp in the BIOS is usually slightly warmer than your idle temp in Windows because the power saving (and thus, heat saving) features aren't active in the BIOS. It doesn't sound like it's being overworked at idle in Windows though, since 0 5% is fine.

    43C in the BIOS IS still a bit warm though (although not terribly out of line). It's starting to sound more like poor airflow in the case, so just try what I said about taking the side of the case off to see if it helps any. If you're up to it though, it wouldn't hurt to redo the thermal paste and make sure you get the HSF seated properly, anyway. That rules that out of the equation.

    Edit: Just saw you posted the screenshot. Yeah, those temps look fine, actually. AUXTIN and CPUTIN especially are kind of unknowns. They could be anything. I think AUXTIN is the VRM temp on my Asus board, but I really don't know.

    TMPIN3 and Package are the actual CPU temps, along with the core temps.
  5. I guess overheating isn't the issue then, but that just leaves me clueless on why my computer randomly froze on a Youtube vid. :sweat:

    Oh well, it's only done it once so far, so I guess I'll just wait and see.

    Thanks a bunch for your help, DJ.
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  7. looks like by google the temp sensor issue a lot of people have that issue due to mb maker not putting in a temp sensor 3 on the mb and the input is just floating open. so it give one of two readings the 127 deg or -32.
  8. You're welcome, and yeah, a lot of mobos have that issue unfortunately, and it just scares people when they shouldn't be, lol.
  9. Uhm... Hi guys! Im new and i dont know if this is necroposting or just forbidden but i think to have the same problem kg135 had, and i just hope to have a solution for mine.
    To make it short, my PC start to overheating for "nothing", i mean games, dvd making, smartphone data sync and sometimes even streaming! O.o
    I cleaned up any process or services, removed any virus, cleanse the hardware, and thermal paste reapplying, but nothing works... The only temp that seems rising a lot is the CPU, while the other components stay pretty cool, even both cores. So... Its the same issue you just solved?
    Thanks all
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