Phenom II 955 temps & cabinet for it

I recently built a new PC with Phenom II X4 955 BE. Currently I have fitted this system in my old cabinet with no front fan, only rear 80mm exhaust. I live in India and here temperatures range from 30'C to 40'C. Following are the CPU temperatures:

Idle: 38-40'C
on load: 59'C (62'C running prime95 for 15 mins)

I am using stock AMD BE cooler (with cooper pipes)
Is this Temp OK or it should be decreased?

2nd Ques. is I am going to buy a budget cabinet with front fan. (@ around $42) {Cooler Master elite 311}
If I get a cabinet with front 120 or 140mm fan with 120mm exhaust fan, will that decrease temperatures effectively with good air flow? Or I need a good CPU cooler?

I may be overclocking my CPU & adding a GPU in future (like HD 6770)
I am going to work on some CAD softwares, rendering, etc.

CPU: AMD phenom II X4 955 BE (stock) w/ stock heatsink-fan
RAM: 4GB adata 1333mhz
HDD: 1TB seagate 7200rpm
PSU: Corsair CX430V2
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  1. I would just mod your current case to take a couple more fans. Plus then you get the pride of making the case custom.
  2. AMD PhII 955BE C3 Voltages 0.825-1.425v -- Max Temps 62c

    In addition to better air, your temps are also highly dependent upon your vcore and motherboard. Lowering the vcore can easily drop temps 15%. 'Auto' voltages also tend to push a little high -- manually set what you can and find you sweet spot.

    With decent air and cooling something like 3.8GHz at 1.375v with load temps 53c.
  3. I like the idea of a better case in that the older style cases with small fans have a larger noise footprint but provide very little air movement inside the case...I would spend like $7 more on something like this

    up to 7 120mm fans...bottom mounted psu slot...much better air flow and cooling capabilities!

    your case or the one you mentioned has restricted air flow and it's design are for non-gaming and low powered cpus...with a quad core...go slightly bigger and much better fans for cooling.

  4. thanks guys for your opinions, I have got Cooler Master Elite 311, with a cooler master essentials 140mm front fan, which reduces CPU temp to 32'C by sucking in cool air conditioned air in room.
    I have also reduced the Vcore to 1.22V & it is perfectly stable. Voltage drop reduced load temperature to 45'C with air conditioner ON, & 53'C with A/C OFF. Thanks @Wisecraker.
    I found CM elite 311 very value for money, as it has bottom mounted PSU with a filter for it, cble management, front fan, nice construction,etc for just $42.
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