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  1. Don't buy computer components from Best Buy or Future Shop, they put huge mark ups on all their PC components, rendering all their stuff horribly overpriced. All of those cards are pretty low end, most aren't fit for any sort of modern gaming. The best of those options is the Radeon HD 6670 which will offer decent performance, if you are playing at a lower resolution ie. 1280x1024.

    Thing is, for maybe slightly more cash, you could get a Radeon HD 6770 which is significantly faster than the 6670. The power supply you listed is good enough for most single GPU setups so that isn't a restriction. It would help to know what resolution you intend to run, but if your budget is around $100, the 6770 is probably the best you can get. You may be able to find a GTX 460 for around $120 if you can stretch your budget a bit higher, but those cards are starting to get rare. A lot of the online retailers are having Black Friday specials, even in Canada, so keep your eyes open, you might find a good deal. Try looking at some of the online retailers for better deals on computer compoents like or Their prices aren't nearly as inflated as Future Shop and Best Buy tend to be.
  2. abyssshun said:

    I agree with supernova, you should atleast go for a 6750 or 6770, I live in Europe so not sure about the shops but seemed to be better then bestbuy and futureshop.

    both of those are 6770 and will run skyrim good enough, not sure how the "mail in rabates" work, but they are listed at 100$ with rabates.
  3. 1600x900 is my intended resolution
  4. You should first know what your PSU is and what size you are going to up grade to before deciding on a new GPU. I mean it is cool to have all these cards but the question is can your system run it? and do I need to upgrade some stuff? This is just my two cents worth. Good luck
  5. I stated im upgrading my psu in the first sentence. =D
  6. abyssshun said:
    I stated im upgrading my psu in the first sentence. =D

    I feel stupid that I didn't retain what you put in the first sentence. Sorry about that.

    There are certin brands of PSU's that you should stay away from. I am lacking in recommending what brand to get. But a 500w and up would be a good start if someone could steer him in the right driection as far as the brand like coolmaster, Thermaltake, Etc.
  7. The Corsair he listed is a good quality power supply, it will easily handle any card available in the $100 price range. Since you have a 1600x900 display I would recommend the 6770 as the absolute minimum. Something like the GTX 460 and Radeon HD 6850 would be even better, but those are most likely to be outside of your price range. The 6670 and all the other cards you listed are not going to perform that well at your resolution, not unless you are willing to run a lot of titles at medium or lower settings.
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