What's a fair price for these components?

I'm thinking of selling my "old" Athlon II x4 635 and an Asus m4a785-m board.

Bought them a little over a year ago. In this day and age, what's a fair price (range) to be asking for? Thanks. and I hope this is an appropriate question.
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  1. 80 dollars, maybe a little less. People don't seem to like buying older AMD parts, but older Intel parts are almost an investment now! I just sold my p5E motherboard 775 slot from 3 years ago for 79 dollars! Even the DDR2 1150 mhz RAM goes for high dollar for people who want to upgrade their older systems. They're not made anymore, and buying high-end parts for retail will kill your wallet.
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    I guess it depends on where you live, but I can get a 3.2ghz version of that processor for $59.99 at Microcenter. The motherboard is nice, but also old tech, so you may get $75 at most. You could list them for say $75 each or $125 for both. It just depends on finding somebody who really wants it.
  3. Thanks for the ideas/reasons : )
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