SLi With a screen attached to each card

Current config: Intel Core i7 960 CPU
Apacer 24gb DDR3 1333ghz Ram
MSI x58A GD65 MB
MSI GTX 560 ti Hawk Twin Frozr III GFX Card
Cougar 1000w PSU

Hi there I currently have a single GTX 560 and want to get another to run in SLi. I know this will work, my question however is, will it work if i have an hdmi cable running from each card to a screen (2 screens) so each card runs to a differenct screen. For extended Full HD display? Maybe this is just wishful thinking, but that's why I ask.

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  1. I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve here, have you tried looking up to see what dual Nvidia cards can and cannot do?
  2. Basically I want two screens, one for gaming and browsing or whatever and the other for my movies. the problem with the GTX 560 is that it only has one hdmim port. So I want both screens to run HDMI. So two cards, two HDMIM to HDMI cables going a monitor each:O Does that help? Sorry if I struggle to try and explain myself here
  3. I think you will only get one screen when you are gaming if SLi is enabled. Without SLi switched on you might be able to game on one screen and have your desktop on the other.
  4. Hmmm I believe I understand, so I'll have both monitors working fine I just need to output to different cards?
  5. Yes, one card for each monitor and no SLi.
  6. Thanks very much man, now I know what to do with the Christmas bonus :D Thanks again!
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