HD Radeon 4870 Dual Cards won't CrossFire

First off, I've seen and searched/read through many similar topics, didn't see this one addressed..

Pics first

First Card

Second Card

Ok, So I can't get them to crossfire, whatsoever. A few bits of info first, A) I've read if, under "Name" at the top, it shows 4870 x2 then that's sufficient, they won't say crossfire, and crossfirex won't be an option in CCC. Mine does not, they both clearly read "ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series." And at the bottom, ATI CrossFire shows "Disabled" sad panda. Also I have tweaked the GPU and Memory Clock speeds very minorly, to show you guys that it registers 2 different cards, and from CCC I can tweak the clock settings on both cards. So they both enabled, work, and everything except crossfire.

Now, in CCC 11.11 Crossfire settings should be under the "Performance" tab on the left. Under that tab I have "AMD Overdrive" and not a thing else.

For Info on my setup, I do have two monitors, currently 1 display running to each card, no idea if that would have a bearing on this or not, going to try that in just 1, BUT I have noticed that if I disable the display to the second monitor, my system drops to thinking it only has 1 card, so maybe, that's why I'm going to check that out also. My educated guess will be that even with both displays running off the one card, I will still get the Primary adapter and Disabled adapter showing, so that's why I'm posting first, any thoughts? Questions?

Thank you for your time, it is appreciated
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  1. Update: Made both monitors plug into the same card and as expected, now I only show 1 Card in CCC, and under hardware, 1 is primary, the other is disabled. Looking at Device Manager though, both are enabled. >.>

    The TechPowerUp GPU software still sees both cards, just CCC does not
  2. No reply yet kinda makes me happy - hate being one of those guys that asks a question been answered 40 times :P

    After extensive forum searching, I found one saying its an issue with the way Dell handled the Win 7 releases, and it wiped out the crossfire setup, that original post said it would require reinstalling windows and a lot of driver fidgeting, but I've also heard that all it wiped out is the BIOS to enable CrossFire for my MoBo, so If I find my MoBo model and redownload the BIOS for that it would be fine, sound right to anyone? I'm way more a software guy than hardware :D
  3. Well unfortunately no one here was able to help. Incase anyone else has this problem. which to sum up briefly:

    CrossfireX capability on the XPS 630i from Dell was wiped out with the windows 7 update

    The solution can be found in detail (and to credit who gave such advice) here:
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