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I'm abit of a noob when it comes to anything about building PCs so just wanted to get some input on this.

Got a gtx 580 this morning to replace my old gtx 295, after putting in the new card and connecting everything up, when I powered up the PC my monitor just stayed on standby with the light flashing. I tried both connectors on the card, there was a green light on the card so I assumed everything was fine. Any reason to what the problem could be? Don't think its the PSU - using 1000w corsair. I think I connected the 2 8pins wrong somehow on the card which is causing it not to recognize the problem.

Is there anything else that could cause it not to recognize the monitor.

Thanks for your time
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  1. So you connected the 6 and 8 pin connector to the video card but did you connect the 4 or 8 pin connector to the motherboard? Does the card spin up the fan? Do you get anything other then the one beep at boot?
  2. Update: I connected the 8pins wrong :(


    Thanks anyways!
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