Please help an amateur: Powerful computer keeps freezing.

Hey everyone,

Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer any assistance, and I've searched the forums and I've been through other "freezing" threads, and they were case specific and did not apply to me.

Basically, I just got a new computer as a gift from someone and it was custom built with some crazy specs (most powerful computer i've ever owned so was quite the gift). Long story, but I ended up having to format the computer, but obviously, since it's custom, I have to re-install every little bit my self. The problem before (and after) the format was that whether I was doing something complex in Maya like 3D animation or something insignificant like opening up a file, the computer would literally freeze completely and nothing would work (including CTRL+ALT+DELETE). And it unfreezes like say 10 seconds later. This happens more or else every few minutes, more-so inside Maya while I'm trying to click on objects and do stuff in the program and less frequently outside the program.

I updated the graphics card, I updated the BIOS, and just about everything that could ever need updating and I ran a windows memory diagnostic test to test the RAM (but this thing is pretty damn new so I highly doubt its the ram, but then again what do I know). Here are my specs:

intel i7 920 @ 2.67,
4 Kingston 2GB DDR3 Ram (667 mhz)
ATI Radeon HD 5870
Windows 7 64 bit

I don't know what else is pertinent to note here. When I was formatting, I did not install any of the drivers before re-installing windows like the Gigabyte manual says and I did not load the SATA drivers on the hard disk i was installing windows on to allow me to use the Gigabyte Raid Configuration utility (as you can tell, Im literally saying anything I know, I don't really know this stuff at all yet). I ended up installing everything after i had installed windows and after updating the BIOS, I returned all BIOS settings to their "optimized default settings". I even got to the point where today i was reading about Overclocking but there's no way I would have to overclock my system for it to NOT do this crap.

I will be eternally grateful to anyone who can help becuase I have been at this problem for 4 days now. If you need any other info let me know.

Thanks a lot guys, much appreciated.
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  1. Try shifting the ram to 3 matching color slots, and leave the 4th one out. Many 1366 boards are supposed to run fine with 4 ram sticks if they're in the correct slots, but running them in threes is preferred. 6 gb of ram is plenty for most tasks. You may also check the bios for the ram settings, especially voltage.
  2. I had a similar problem fixed only by a workaround on a Sabertooth 990fx. Could not keep the system running without a hard drive freeze/ hard drive led freeze. I changed my sata drives from the 6GB/S to the 3GB/S ports and everything works great now. My drives are older Hitachi 3GB/S drives.
  3. o1die said:
    Try shifting the ram to 3 matching color slots, and leave the 4th one out. Many 1366 boards are supposed to run fine with 4 ram sticks if they're in the correct slots, but running them in threes is preferred. 6 gb of ram is plenty for most tasks. You may also check the bios for the ram settings, especially voltage.

    I removed the extra 2Gb ram stick, put the three in matching colored slots. The only thing I'm too inexperienced to mess with is my Ram settings. The ram i have is Kingston HyperX DDR3 (KHX1600C9D3/2G). I watched tutorials and read quite a bit but i cant say i understand the theory behind it all and what it is that a im actually doing (i'm really more of a software person).

    Everything was set to AUTO obviously. I changed the DRAM Frequency to 1333 and Vdimm to 1.6. I was too sketched out to try higher numbers cuz I don't really understand yet the consequences/implications of changing different values and I'm not really in the position to go out and buy more expensive hardware. I booted it with the settings i just told you and there still is some freezing (when I use Maya - clicking/switching between joints). Got any advice on settings or whatever else I can do?
  4. The suggestion jaws111 has certainly sounds worth looking into. Another thing that comes to mind is that there is some aggressive powersaving going on. couldnt hurt to turn off powersaving for your harddisks.
  5. I literally have no clue as to what jaws said or even how I wud go about checking it. Any guidance would be appreciated. Il look into the hard disk saving bit now
  6. Yu have an X58 board is your memory rated as "triple channel" if not..there's ur problem
  7. CPU overheating, takes a break until temperature is low enough, restarts, etc.

    Verify the CPU temp with a software like coretemp. If it approaches 90+ heatsink is probably not installed correctly
  8. Firstly thanks for all the replies, i really appreciate it...

    @AstroTC, no it is rated as triple channel (acccording to CPUz)

    @ReviverSOft, thanks, ill start looking at that now

    @lafontma, no it's not a temp problem, PC is chilling at 40 degrees...

    Unfortunately freezing is still here and exact same even after i removed the extra stick of ram. Only option now is the HD Sata port fix...will try that out now
  9. So I used SIW and this is the info it gave me. If I understand correctly, my Hard drive is already plugged into the 3Gb/s port?

    Manufacturer Seagate
    Model ST31000528AS
    Size 1000.2 GB
    Firmware Version CC38
    Serial Number 6VP3DXWQ
    Rotational Speed 7200 RPM
    Interface Serial ATA
    Standard ATA8-ACS | ATA8-ACS version 4
    Advanced Format Supported No
    Transfer Mode (Current / Max) SATA-300 / SATA-300
    Features S.M.A.R.T., 48bit LBA, NCQ, AAM
    Power Cycle Count 230
    Temperature 27 C (80 F)
    Drive Letter(s) C: D:
    Queue Depth 32
    Removable No
    Cache Enabled (Read / Write) Yes / Yes
    SMART Support Yes

    And if I am correct it brings me back to square one :|
  10. I checked the specs for your motherboard. It has 6x sata 3Gb/s ports and no 6Gb/s ports so that doesn't seem to be the problem then.
  11. Are you using the latest Bios for your motherboard ? F8M is the most rescent stable one. F9A is is a beta bios so i wouldnt recommend it.
  12. That is telling you the specs for the drive, which is just saying it is 3gb/s capable. On my board I had problems with a 3gb/s drive attached to the 6gb/s sata port, and assuming it was using the AHCI driver mode also. I switched them over to the 3gb/s ports and it now runs smooth with no hard drive freezes. I am still looking for answers as to why and what I need to run them correctly on the 6gb ports, however.
  13. The board specs I see are listing two 6gb ports and eight 3gb ports.. GA-X58A-UD7. Would be best to check your manual and the diagram for your board to know where and which they are.
  14. jaws111 is right, i read over the 2 6GB/s ports listed below the 6 3Gb. my bad
  15. Just checked, my hard disk is plugged into one of the following ports:
    SATA2_0/1/2/3/4/5 (SATA 3Gb/s Connectors, Controlled by ICH10R)

    My motherboard has another 3GB/s port: GSATA2_8/9 (SATA 3Gb/s Connectors, Controlled by GIGABYTE SATA2)

    So I don't know if that helps at all
  16. yes, try plugging them into the GSATA2 8/9 ports and see if that may help. Those should be the 3gb ports. It is worth a try.
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