Looking for a better cpu fan

a game i go on updated to use more of what i have (before it was one core nearly no graphics card now its everything) so my cpu temperatures are going through the roof

i cannot remember the exact dimensions (and overclockers appear to have stopped making my case) apart form teh fact the hyper 212 is a few mm to tall for the case
could someone suggest a cheapish but good cooling fan thats smaller than the hyper 212?

(on another note anyone know of anything that can be used to convert one the newer power plug (sorry i do not know its name but it plugs into my hard drive instead of a molex one) into molex as i need one more molex plug for my other dvd drive (two dvd drives one reads most things the other also reads most things (but not as much) but reads everything the first one dosent)

thanks ^.^

forgot to say the processor is an intel peintium E6700 so socket 775
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  1. this will convert your sata to a molex to plug in an ide drive

  2. how much are you willing to spend?
  3. at a guess i should soon have about £50 to throw at it (so long as i dont go and buy some more xv9's from forgeworld <.<)
  4. ^ dang that looks big O.O
    height is ok tho :/ but i dont know if my ram and stuff yould get in the way...
    misleading picture is misleading...
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