Gtx 570 unseated? Please help

I just built my first pc a little over 2 weeks ago. it worked perfectly until Thursday night. I got a black screen while gaming and had to shut the pc down. Since then, it got worse. Friday and Saturday, anytime I tried to play, it would black screen. From first boot, I'd get about 20-30 minutes of play, and then would get shorter and shorter times between black screens.

Again, this happened only when gaming. Tried everything from drivers, flashing mobo, ram check. Nothing worked. I took the ram and videocard out of the case and plugged them back in and the problem went away. The past two days its worked perfectly again. I've read some people saying they had similar issues and fix, only to have the card do the same thing a few weeks later. Anyone experience something like this?

I had called Amazon prior to finding the "fix" and they sent me a replacement which is coming in today. Should I take the new one and send mine back? I really dont know what to do. Is mine faulty or did it just somehow become unseated due to gravity and heat? You never know with these cards and who knows if the new one is even any good....Decisions, decisions.....
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  1. I would take the new one that amazon is sending you,i highly doubt you would get two bad cards in a row(if it is the card),if you still have problems with the new card installed,then i would look for another cause of the problem........
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