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I recently build my first ever computer and she is running like a charm. I have done some overclocking, so like a good little pilot I have been diligently monitoring the heat coming from my CPU. I use the AI suite that comes with the Asus board as well as HW Monitor, which was recommended, and I love its simplicity but thoroughness.

Here is the puzzling thing: The readings are NEVER the same. And not just by a degree or two; sometimes up to 7-10 degrees difference. On average its about 5 degrees difference. This concerns me and I need to know if this is normal activity or if something is wrong. Also, if this is normal, which one should I take as more accurate? I would tend towards to AI suite, but really ave no idea. I notice the AI suite "Sensor monitor" is the one that always reads cooler than HW Monitor.

Thanks for your input in advance! :)
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  1. It's normal, check this thread :

    Always guide yourself by core temperature readings, not CPU temp.
  2. Thanks for your response! In the thread you linked, the post states:

    "Core temperatures are derivitives of power consumption in the cores of the processor.. and are basically useless for temperature monitoring... power consumption may fluctuate randomly and rapidly. AI Suite Monitor is correct for Tcase... which is the important temperature."

    This leads me to believe that I should follow the CPU temps, as "power consumption may fluctuate randomly and rapidly" in the cores....but I may just be a little confused...I have definitely noticed how my cores fluctuate much more than the CPU reading on a whole...
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    Because the CPU temp is an average of all cores' temperatures over a short period of time. Core readings are the most accurate as usually the first 2 or so cores will run hotter, and you don't want none of the cores to surpass whatever limit you are aiming for, so it's usually the better way to check temperatures IME.
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