Building a new comp

so im building a new budget pc and will be getting this motherboard

im trying to find a decent heatsink that will fit nice with this motherboard w/o getting in the way of the ram etc and has the rite connection... i think 4 pin, does anyone have any ideas of a few decent heat sinks
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  1. The coolermaster 212+ or 212 EVO will fit and are cheap.

    As long as your ram is not using tall heat spreaders, it will slide right under the fan(worst case, you remove the fan to install memory then snap it back on).

    EDIT, it seems the heatsink is half the cost of the board over at ebuyer tho :(

    In general, most tower coolers will work without hitting memory, just watch for the dual towers, those can hit ram.

    The Freezer 7 is cheaper, but not as good. Should still beat out stock with ease.

    Freezer 13

    TX3 EVO, but i do not like the push pin mounting.
  2. board is just something i want to use as a place holder till i can be botherd to get a better one because atm im a bit broke lol so can only afford that one, the ram ill be using is

    and will be going into this, so do you think it will all go in ok? :P
  3. came across this wich apparently supports a 1155 socket just not sure if it will fit in the case?
  4. Your memory will clear almost any heatsink.

    It is hard to tell how much cpu cooler room they have, that big side fan takes a bit of room. The only thing i have found is a pic with the Freezer 7(92mm fan) in that case, I am not sure if the larger 120mm coolers will fit.

    This is a 212+ on a case with no side fan, as you see, it is close.
  5. codewahn said:
    came across this wich apparently supports a 1155 socket just not sure if it will fit in the case?

    With the side fan, i do not think so, Do you have that case yet? If you do, get me a dimension from the motherboard tray to the side panel.
  6. dont have the case just yet, will be getting it thursday its that side fan that makes me unsure if it will fit the site says the case is 500mm D, looking at some other 200mm fans that 1 should be atleast 25mm D
  7. Its the width of the case that makes that fan have a chance to hit you heatsink.

    The 92mm based ones will fit for sure. So the Freezer7 will fit.

    When you get the case, you can takes some measurements to see what you have room for.
  8. so the case is: 500mm D190mm W 450mm H
    heatsink: 130 (L) x 100 (W) x 131 (H) mm

    so maybe there will be 30 is mm clearence? providing the fan is 25 mm and the motherboard isatleast 30mm will just have to order the case on monday instead
  9. The problem with case width is that you do not know how much of that room is behind the motherboard tray

    The case i posted with the image is 207 wide, but it has a good space behind the motherboard, enough to hide all my wires.

    Another example is the Antec 900 it is 206 wide and i had to CUT a fan to make it fit.

    I cant use my side fan? Too bad.....

  10. turns out that you can apparently replase the big fan and put on 2 120mm fans this is a comment from someone who has the case.

    Cons: I have a few small cons, now i have a very very very large cpu cooler...the case is plenty big enough, but the bigboy side fan...comes out too far, so i will be swapping that for two 120 mm ones (which is easy to do, and is explained in the manual)

    another comment says
    Be careful if you have a taller cpu cooler. Higher than 125mm is iffy otherwise no problems

    so i guess that cooler is a tad to big
  11. Yup, guess that would be about it. So your option to use a big cooler and some 120mm fans or a shorter cooler with the stock fan.
  12. what do you think would be the best option? tho would think it would be more expencive to swap out thee fans? so the hyper tx3 evo would be my best alternative? i do like that it seems easier to get a replacement fan with that one
  13. Fans can be had for a wide range of prices. That large fan should be fairly quiet and push LOTS of air just because it is so big.

    What cpu do you plan to get? Overclocking?
  14. going to get a intel i5 2300 2.8ghz probly wont overclock it only tend to play *cough*wow*cough and the old republic, the whole new comp thing is just a sudden build for what i can afford at this time since i did buy a core 2 quad for my current comp and that was doa but now its been discontinued
  15. Yeah the 92mm(TX or Freezer7) heatsink should work, I do not think the 2300 will run too hot for it.
  16. looked at a site that shows apparently the best 8 coolers of 2011 and the only 1 small enough to fit was|cat:23142664|prd:23142664

    just not sure if it will preform better than the evo one or not tho it can have 2 92mm fans to so maybe its the best option

    if you feel like reading the review for it
  17. You know what? You can look at top down coolers(as opposed to Towers). They will fit for sure.

    This is a top down cooler, but they are very expensive.

    Your cpu is not going to make that much heat, i would not loose sleep over it, Just get one that fits in the budget and the case. The Xigmatek makes good heatsink so the one you linked will also work well.

    Your review has the Samuel 17 :) That thing is very low profile.

    I remember looking at that a while back for my media center. Ended up going with a Cooler Master Geminii S.

    Geminii S(I had to re drill the bracket for mounting it.) + Slim fan = it fits. See, at least you are not in a case THAT cramped.
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