Display drivers keep crashing

Any driver update I try to do for my card keeps crashing while launching bf3 or looks choppy during game.
I tried to make a screenshot but it won't work for some reason, it looks like vertical lines everywhere but the sky.
Anyway the only driver that has worked with no issues is the one launched on 9/8/2011 every other driver after that upto and including the one launched on 11/15/2011 do not work.
I have auto over clocked my cpu with the asus turbo evo tool(in hope of getting more fps on ultra settings, no vsync, no motion blur, everything else max at 1680x1050) from 3.0 to 3.480, but I can not imagine that causing the errors I am getting.
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  1. Overclock in the bios :) Also have you installed the correct driver for your 6950?
  2. Have you downloaded and installed the new patch for BF3?
  3. The driver that I currently have installed is 10/25/2011 or 8.911.0.0. When I try to install a new driver it either won't install or it will crash during bf3, so I won't install any untill I figure out the problem. Why does it show "Display driver has stopped responding and has recovered" every once in a while. The only game I play is bf3 and it bothers be alot that this $900 machine can't play a decent game.
  4. Is my psu by any chance an issues, is my pc bottle necking, is amd a bad company, is it something else?
  5. I have installed it just 10 mins ago, the patch.
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