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Anaglyph vs Shutter S3D - performance diff GTX580

I just installed an EVGA GTX580 3GB and have been getting into TES: Skyrim. Awesome performance with everything maxed out @1080p.

As I have Tridef software as well as the NVIDIA drivers I have been checking out how the game plays with anaglyph 3D. No problems there, I'm getting around 60fps which is pretty much double what I was getting with my old GTX 285.

I am just wondering if anyone with the same card using NVIDIA 3D Vision on a 120hz 3D display is getting results similar to mine as I am interested in upgrading my monitor for a better gaming experience.

I suspect I may not get as good results as anaglyph is computed differently to the active shutter metheod. As I understand, anaglyph displays two (left/right) images at the same time (using more of your VRAM) while the active shutter displays the two images one after the other thus using more of your GPU power and consequently halving your fps.

BTW: I know I don't need that much VRAM to run games on a single display, I just got it for other 3D animation work :)

Thanks for any input.
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    I have 470's in SLI and using sterioscopic 3D vision. I don't play at ultra settings. I use High settings and getting between 45-60 FPS (I have v-sync on).

    However, this is a little different than anaglyph 3D. 60 FPS in 3D vision feels more like 120hz without as your brain does get 120hz distinct images alternating between eyes.

    I have never tried anaglyph, so I can't describe the difference, but I can tell you that 3D vision looks quite good. The only issue in Skyrim is objects in the water. Objects visible that are underwater will not be drawn in 3D vision, which results in them looking at the wrong depth.
  2. Thanks bystander, thats good news (about the 3D Vision feeling smoother). Yeah, even with anaglyph there are depth issues with stuff in Skyrim such as stars appearing to display below the clouds etc.

    Do you think 2x470's would match a single 580 (or out perform it)?

    I spose this is what happens when the software company (in this case Bethesda) decides to ignore S3D possibilities of the game when in production.

    I have heard the new Batman game is flawless with 3D Vision.

    Anyway, if anyone has tried both stereoscopic types mentioned perhaps you could shed a little light on the topic?

  3. The 2x470's should out perform the 580 by a little, if SLI is supported.

    Crysis 2 is also flawless as far as I can tell.
  4. Ok. Hmm, I must checkout Crysis 2 sometime. It's recieved a lot of attention online.

    Thx again.
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