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Older Rig... Want a graphics card to run BF3.. PLEASE help!

Hey everyone!

I'm not new to gaming or to the forums... but unfortunately I've been away from the gaming community (more specifically PC gaming) for years! I have been overseas and am now back in the U.S. (military/private security contractor work). I built a "powerhouse" PC a few years ago, and I am trying to upgrade it to play BF3 at maxed out settings on my 22inch Viewsonic screen (1680x1050). Since computer technology jumps leaps and bounds every year... I know i will need to upgrade, but i am trying to do so on a relative budget. I read the "how to ask 'what GPU'" forum and have attached that template. I SINCERELY appreciate your input!


BUDGET RANGE: $500-700. (the cheaper the better, of course.. but i could MAX out at $900 if absolutely necessary)

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: All purpose computer... but was originally built for gaming. I have a MacBook pro normal "day-to-day" operations. I DO NOT run movies or use my computer for any media based applications. Its either gaming OR general online/computing.

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: Ultra 750watt power supply (sli "ready") and ATI Radeon 4800 series (not sure which one), but 3579 MB "Total Available Graphics Memory" and 512MB "Dedicated Video Memory" according to the settings i can find

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: Core i7 920 @2.67 Ghz, 12 Gig Corsair tripple channel ram, Asus P6T Motherboard, I BELIEVE my CPU is liquid cooled in a self-contained "all-in-one" cooler, but the rest of the "Cooler Master Centurion" Full Tower case is air cooled. I believe the CPU is liquid cooled bc there is NOT a fan on it, rather what looks like "block" that runs to what looks like a radiator. From what i've seen/read on CPU liquid coolers, it looks exactly like one.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Newegg (due to me living in Florida and Tigerdirect would tac me)


PARTS PREFERENCES: Based on the articles i've read, it appears that though ATi works... Nvidia seems to run smoother on it. I was looking more specifically at either the GTX570, 580 or 590.

OVERCLOCKING: I am going to have a buddy (who is very experienced at OC'ing) Overclock my CPU a little (but stable) and i am perfectly OK with a manufacturer OverClocked GPU. But i WILL NOT be personally overclocking the GPU.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: Viewsonic 22 inch 1680x1050.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I am specifically looking to run BF3 on max settings at this resolution. I have no desire to get a new monitor. My case has room for larger graphics cards (i.e. multiple slots available). My concern is, is my Power Supply going to be enough? I would prefer to NOT to upgrade my PSU, but i know the 590 needs a MIN of 700Watt, and it seems that there are issues when running it on that little amount of power. I'd prefer to just have to switch out the GPU (to maybe a 580) and call it a day! But you all are MUCH more in tune with the current market and know better! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your help!!!
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    no need to get GTX590 if you only going to play at 1680x1050. among your choices GTX570 will be more than enough. i was able to run BF3 with acceptable performance with my system (see sig).i play with 1600x900 res and most of the time i was able to get more than 40 fps and rarely drop below 30fps even with v-sync enable
  2. I agree with Renz , a GTX 570 would do the trick nicely.
  3. WOW!! Those replies were FAST! I can't thank you enough! I just downloaded "speedfan" to read my CPU and other temps and I'm a bit shocked that they are running at "52 C"!!! THATS NOT GOOD IS IT?! Perhaps i should look into ensuring my CPU is watercooled or perhaps some sort of better cooling... especially since i'll have the heat of the GPU in there? Your ideas?
  4. Don't worry about the CPU for now
    The heat from gpu (GTX 570) won't be THAT taxing to CPU temps.
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