Confusion over PCIe Gen and which cards to choose

I'm using a Dell Dimension e520. Here is the specifications page:

I'm planning on upgrading to 3 gigs of ram, right now I have one. (I mention this because I have heard that RAM is a factor when considering a graphics card.)

I'm completely overwhelmed my choosing a new GPU. I'm not much of a PC gamer, but I do watch all of my media on my PC and as far as PCs games go, 'Minecraft' about covers it. That I've got to run on low settings. (I know, sad right?) I'm planning on upgrading to a new GPU, but I dont know which ones to choose.

My main question here is, by looking at these specs, can anyone tell me what generation my PCI is? I can't figure it out for the world of me.

I'd also like any recommendations on suitable cards. I use a 32inch LCD display and plan on adding a second, smaller monitor. I want to watch HD content and I need an HDMI and VGA out. I want to spend as little as possible to meet my needs, because in the far future I plan on majorly upgrading or replacing this rig.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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  1. Ram is not the only part to consider, every component matters, cpu, psu, mainly. You have pcie 1.0 but 2.1 works. My parents have a e520. You can go up to a 5670 but it needs to be single slot or it won't fit. You don't do anything intensive though so can go with a 5450.

    Also for future reference, the screen inches is irrelevant, the resolution is what matters.
  2. Oh. It was my understanding that the larger the display, the more powerful of a GPU that was neccesary. It should be no surprise that I could be mistaken, lol.
    I should also note that I want the highest possible resolution, because I want to be able to fit as much as possible onto one display, while keeping fonts crisp and readable. I neglected to mention this in my previous post.

    So, you're saying that one of those cards, even though it says it's for PCIe 2.0 or 2.1 would still work in my machine?

    I know you answered that, but I'm on the spectrum and have a hard time intrepting some things and the way that reads it could have meant either way to me so I just wanted to clarify.
    Again, thanks.

    Note: Sorry it took so long for a response, my PC was down yesterday.
  3. A more powerful card is required for gaming at higher resolutions. Other than that, any other task can be done by an old integrated gpu. My 5 year old laptop can play 1080p movies on my tv with 128mb vram. Vram is video card ram and is completely separate from ram.

    Any of those gpus can support up to 2560x1600 on a single monitor.

    Yes a 2.1 or 2.0 will work on your pc.
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