Processor Fan Issues - Please Help!

Hey all,

I'm in need of some serious advice. I've just purchased the new i5-3750k processor along with the GIGABYTE-z77-d3h mobo and when I do an initial test (mobo and processor only outside the case) the power supply fan comes on and the processor fan "giggles" but doesn't get a full rotation.

I turn off the power and unplug the cord from the PSU.

I don't think it's the mobo and it's not the PSU.

Could it be that the cables connected to the processor fan to the mobo be "off" or "not receiving" or have shorted out? I'm not sure what the exact terminology is but I really need some advice. Should I try resetting the processor?

Please Help!

Parts are below

Coolermaster HAF 932
i5-3750k Ivy Bridge
560 Ti GeForce
Corsair 650W PSU
128 SSD Crucial M4

Thanks so much for the help!
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  1. It doesnt sound like a power problem.

    Is it a new cpu fan?

    If its old it might have a obstruction or the fan on the inside have a loose bearing or component.

    Also check the wires for any damages
  2. Yeah brand new right out of the box yesterday. it's the new ivy bridge processor. when I installed the prcoessor into the mobo the lever gave a little resistance (as it should right?). It was nice and snug in there. Then I applied the CPU fan on top used the little push in screws, and bolted it down and connected the 4 pin fan to the MOBO. Now the next question is, if its a cable issue with the processor fan, what do I need to do (if anything) to fix and resolve this issue.

    I'm sweating here and really just don't want to break anything or void any warranties.

    Thanks for the quick replies night WOLF.
  3. i dont think its a cable problem. Did you use thermal paste?
    isnt the fan too tight is it even a possibility?
    i think its the fan thats broke.
  4. It came with the stock three strips of heatsink paste.

    If it's the fan that's broken, do I send the entire package or just say screw it and buy another one?

  5. if it was me ill buy a better cpu cooler. Stock is ok but you can lower the temp of your rig with a better cooler. it helps if you want to oc later on.

    Then open the old one and see what was wrong. on the plus side if you break the stock fan you still have the better one running in your pc.
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