guys guys
while playiing games sometimes the monitor is turning off automatically but my machine is still running....

i have to restart the machine...

howz it possible??

though i have checked all the connections after the monitor turns off....motherboard is ok..ram is ok...even graphics crad is running properly and the sounds of the game is also coming...but there is no visual in my monitor.....

but when i surf internet or viewing movies no such problem occurs.....

help guys....plzzzzzzzzz :cry:
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  1. What type of computer is this? If the monitor turns off you shouldn't need to restart the computer unless the signal from the video card stops. Give us a bit more info about the computer please.
  2. Do you have another screen to try out for a while? If you do - and it works without the screen shutting down - i'm guessing your current screen is not good.

    Did you make sure all the connections are nice and tight from your computer to the screen?
  3. If your monitor just switches off randomly, just turn it back on , some monitors overheat and switch themselves off, some even have this as a fault.
    If you are losing signal while gaming then its not the monitor.
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