Asus gtx 560 and p5n-e sli problem


I just got a GTX 560 Direct CU card from ASUS for a budget tuning of my old ASUS P5E-SLI based computer. I swapped my 8800 GTS for the new card but the machine wont boot, not even enter console/BIOS mode. The fans are on full speed and but there is nothing on the display and it seem to me that it’s not completing the first test sequence.

I swapped back the old card and everything is OK. My PSU is a 450 W versions, latest Firmware on the motherboard, no overclocking. Is there anybody out there that has any suggestions before I return the card? All help is more than welcome!

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  1. Do you get a single beep when you try to boot the system with the 560?

    Have you connected the two 6 pin connectors?
  2. No I dont get a beep.
    Just one 6 pin connector in the left slot. There where just one shiped and acording to the manual, the left slot.
  3. Ok could be a faulty card , do you have another pc you could try the card in, if not I would return the card.
    Also try putting the card into the other pci-e slot and see if it works.
  4. common problem with those boards not playing nice with new cards. I had the same issue with the same board upgrading from 8800gts to AMD 6850. first update your bios, then go into bios and reset to defaults. now take out your 8800 and take out the sli selector card. now install the gtx560 and it should boot. After you can get a display you can put the sli selector back in (i had to re-seat mine a couple times to get all the pcie lanes working) - do the sli selector with the power off obviously. That process worked for me. It should also be noted that some recent cards will not work with this motherboard no matter what you do. If what i told you to do doesnt work, you will need a new motherboard.
  5. Thank you all!

    It was a faulty card, it’s now replace and the system is much better as a gaming platform. I replaced the 400W PSU two a 650 as well, it was a little on the week side. Direct X11 is now on and Crysis II runs fine. I guess that I gave this old machine two more years for $250.

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