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  1. oh right and my budget is $700, and I like amazon a little better than newegg.
  2. it should be OK.

    I would suggest this processor instead:
    AMD Phenom II 960T: $114.99 at Amazon

    the 960T is a Phenom II X6 with two cores turned off -- and can sometimes be unlocked. The Phenom II is actually faster than the 4100 (which should be treated as if it was a dual-core chip), even if you don't unlock the extra cores.

    for $5 more, I'd consider it.

    Also on a 970, with just a single PCIe x 16 slot, you can step down to the CX 500 instead of CX 600, which is $12 cheaper as long as you stick with the 6870 or a GTX 560

    for ypour RAM, get the Patriot 8gb DDR3-1600 for $34.95 at NEwegg. Faster than the DDR3-1066 you were looking at, for less money.

    otherwise, everything is fine.
  3. +1 on the Thuban 960t
  4. Ok. I replaced the 4 gigs with 8 (especially since the price of ram is so low right now) and the 4100 with a 960t. Thanks for the feedback!
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