ASUS Matrix GTX 580 + ASUS Mars II GTX 580

is it possible to run the GTX 580 Mars II with the GTX 580 Matrix together in SLI mode ?!
the ASUS gtx 580 Mars II has 2 GPUs while it still a GTX 580 not a gtx 590 !! even windows recognize it as a GTX 580 !
so i the question is will it work in SLI mode with ASUS gtx 580 Matrix edition ? the matrix edition is an overclocked gtx 580 its running @ 816ghz while the Mars II is ruining @ 782 each GPU

it will be like triple gtx 580 SLI

so will it work or not or we need to tweak the core speed and the voltage to make it work, if so . . will we need to lower the Matrix clock and voltage or overclock the Mars to keep both running the same ?

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  1. Not sure about this one , you have a point as it will be recognised as a 580, the only way to find out is to ask Asus support, its not a set up you would want to try without knowing as it would be an expensive mistake.
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