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Hi every one got the cosmos sport 1100 cant get the drive bay drives to lock in place with the push button quick release buttons ???? any one else had the same problem and managed to sort it ?
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  1. What drive bays are you using? There are the 5.25" external drive bays and 3.5" internal drive bays. Make sure everything is properly placed, it should be locking in.
  2. Im useing the 5.25 drive bays I have two x LG blue ray burner optical drives in and two times Icy Box hot swap removable HDD cadies (IB-138SK-B-2 Black) They are sat imediatly above the small removable drive holder/box.

    There locking it but with a slight tap become unlocked (the button still in locked position) There very difficult to get to lock as well have to keep trying over and over till they do lock in position. Its not just me my parts have gone of to a profesional comp chap to finish the build and he phoned me and is having the same problem
  3. Yes of course and if it comes to it one screw in the right hand side of the case will hold them secure (tried it) ........

    But the point is there surposed to be a quick relese/locking button not that I will be removing them .......

    But would be nice if could get them to work after all it is a high end case and not the cheapest by the time brought the case and clear window to go with it just about hiting the £200 mark
  4. How long ago have you bought it? Is it still under warranty. You can talk to our support team on live chat to see what they can do for you. Link below.
  5. Got it on the 13th Feb 2012 Scan Computers ......Just dose not make any sence that ALL of the drive bay catches/buttons are doing it but did notice the ones at the top and bottom are not as bad
  6. The push hold lock must be loose, please fill out a parts request. Please include serial number and image in the parts request, so our shipping department will know exactly what they need to replace it.

    Please fill out the parts request form found below and we can send you the part you need.

    Use the model number of the case(RC-942-KKN1) and in the description box state you need (part number) .
    The serial can be found near the motherboard’s IO panel on rear of case. If you cannot find the serial number, then a copy of the invoice must be uploaded.
    when done with request please provide me the parts request number so i can approve the request.
  7. If you are in Europe, please contact the European customer support.
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