Problem with first build.

Ok so I've started off to my first build and everything seemed ok so far until I i powered it on. Everything seems likes it running, fans, cud hear the hdds except the cpu fan. I double checked everything and everything thats suppose to plugin is in. Maybe my cpu isn't compatible with my mobo?

Specs: Asus P5DL2-VM LGA 775 motherboard
Cpu: Pentuim D 2.2ghz FSb 800
Zotac geforce gt 430
Thermaltake 430 psu
2gb ram DDR2
150gb Sata HD pulled from windows xp pc.

Mind anyone telling me whats wrong or any info? I don't feel like RMa ing anything so any information would be helul. Thanks.

Ps i've spent well over an hour looking at other threads and not finding what i need.
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    Check connections, plug in's etc etc.. If everything is A OK, check it off a list, because since this is a old system
  2. even if it wasn't compatible the fan should still spin. check to see if you did not have the connecter off one pin
  3. yeah the connectors are AOK. It's in there tight. I switched over to the core 2 duo and nothing changes still.
  4. !SOLVED!!!! Took out a stick of ram and ran just fin. Dead cpu fan so using a case fan for sub right now.
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  6. Well these things happen from time to time.. Glad we could help. If you have further question and need help. Please fill out the form in the forums.
  7. Yeah thanks and will do.
  8. Have a good one. If you ever need imediate help send me a PM. I am always online
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