Is this build any good? How can I maximize the bang for my buck?

I already have a 600W PSU, and a GTS 450 graphics card.

Currently, I have a AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+, DDR2 2GB RAM and other crappy parts. It seriously makes my graphics card worthless.

I just want to game and browse the internet but not heavy gaming. I rarely play games like Modern Warfare, I mostly play RuneScape which I get 20 FPS on..


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  1. Hello aarock;

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  2. Hi aarock looking at your list there i notice you are getting a mobo with a 970 north bridge and a phenom quad core, I would suggest you check pricing on the amd fx-4100 quad core (this series also comes in a 6 core and an 8 core). with that cpu you should combine a mobo with a 990fx north bridge and its actually cheaper than your build and much better because if you include an ati radeon 6000 series graphics card it is called the scorpius platform and your cpu, gpu, and motherboard communicate more efficiently, providing even MORE performance. if you want bang for your buck. that's my suggestion :)
  3. AMD Phenom II X4 970 & ASRock 970 EXTREME3 AM3+ are a great combo and excellent value.
    Everything is compatible and it will a very nice upgrade.
    What are you using for a power supply?
  4. You can save some money in various areas, and you might want to go Intel.
    Intel will use less power, run cooler, and have a better upgrade path.




    The CPU is currently on sale. The integrated graphics in the 2105 should be able to handle RuneScape just fine.
  5. Singing, I want a Quad Core to be honest because new games can't even run with Dual Cores, such as black ops. And I have a GTS 450 graphics card which is way better than any Integrated graphics :p

    @WR2, I am using a Corsair 600W PSU.
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