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Radeon 6790 Memory Problems


I recently upgraded from a Radeon 4650 to a Radeon 6790. The problem: My card is a 1GB DDR5 card, but games like GTAIV and show my memory as ~624 mb. I feel that this is causing all my games like Skyrim, Battlefield 3, and GTA IV to lag.

The rest of my rig:
AMD Phenom x4 9850 OC'd @ 2.8 GHZ (I know, time to upgrade)
XFX Radeon 6790 1GB DDR5
Some random AMD 780g Motherboard
Apevia Java 650 watts

Also, does anyone think that running BF3 on high AAx4 AFx16 HBAO maybe worse then running All medium (except for textures) with VSYNC? (In terms of fps)


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  1. what operating system you have???? i have no gpu i am runing my intel core i5 2500k on integrated graphics and shows more then 1.5gb but if you are saying that u have 6790 1gb ddr5 and it shows 512mb or some thing then there is 100% problem in the card bcz games like gta4 shows the exact same memory amount of card
  2. Hello,

    I don't want to even bother sending it in, I already removed the serial and PUK for rebate. I am installing a new driver, and seeing if that works. My OS is Windows 7 64- Bit.
  3. i also have the same os tell me after instainlg drivers i also want to buy this card i personaly think xfx made low quality card and you have a dual fan 6790 or single fan?
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    OP : The reason that it is showing you that - is because systemrequirementslab is innacurate, and generally poor at assessing your system.

    Go to yougamers and check your system there. I guarantee it will say you have a 6790 1GB.

    "Also, does anyone think that running BF3 on high AAx4 AFx16 HBAO maybe worse then running All medium (except for textures) with VSYNC? (In terms of fps)"

    Um, to answer generally :- It is highly likely that BF3 on high with all those extras with your card, will run slowly. Certainly below 60 fps. On medium, the game will likely run well, but with vsync on - the framerate will go only as high as your monitor's refresh rate. With vsync off - it is possible for it to go higher than that.

    Let me explain: Vsync is to do with your monitors refresh rate and matching that with a 3d applications framerate. Simply, 75hz from your monitor = 75 fps from your rig (with vsync on.) That is an example, it is entirely possible that your card can outperform or underperform that 75fps. It all depends on your systems performance.

    Here's another example:

    1)My rig can run game A at 100 fps with Vsync off. I turn Vsync on and now game A runs at the same framerate as my monitor. 75hz = 75fps.
    2) My rig can run game B at 40fps with Vsync off. I turn Vsync on and the game still runs at 40fps, despite my hz rate being 75.

    That is what Vsync means. The idea behind it is to average out your fps to give a better experience between your hardware and your monitor. Not everybody does it or even likes it.
  5. Gumption and pell380,

    Thanks for your help. Gumption, you are correct. Yougamer has shown my GPU as having 1GB. I would also like to thank you for your explanation about V-SYNC. You example made sense. Game A for me being Crysis 2, and Battlefield 3 being Game B. Pell380, the XFX Radeon 6790 is a great card. It is not low quality. I went for the dual fan edition.
    Here are two reccomendations:
    1) Buy the dual fan version of the XFX card.
    2) I got the 6790 because of money (freshman/9th grade). If you can spend the extra 20-30 dollars, go for the 6850 from a company of your choice.

    Thanks for you great answers. This website has some VERY educated people,

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