560 ti 1gb vs 2gb

Hey guys, I'm about to buy 2 gtx 560 ti to run them SLI for my gaming build, the quiestion I have is:

nvidia 560 ti 1gb @ 950 mhz or 560 ti 2gb @ 880 mhz?

Im going to be gaming in a single monitor 1920 x 1080, non-3d but i want to be able to run every game out there at max settings and high fps.

Also, do you think any of those 2 cards in SLI is the way to go? or should i jump to 570's? (I want to stay with nvidia, Im waiting for the 560ti 448 cores to be released).

Thank you all in advance and to this great forum that has taught me so much :)
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  1. If you go with SLI 560's Ti (2GB) Version you won't recieve much benefits since they only use the Memory on Bigger Resolutions then 1920x1080.
  2. I would go for the 2gb version.
    Games are starting to use about 1.5 gigs of mem now.

    It would also be good to sli in the future.

    Keep in mind though - when you sli/crossfire. It does not give you more memory. So if you sli 2 2gb cards. You're not going to have 4gb. You're still only going to have 2gb.
  3. at this point in time it would be a waste to get a card with 1gig of memory above 1600 resolution. adding to the demands is tessellation which will add to the mix....... as AA and other "premium" settings do. sli-ing 2 - 1gig cards will still only provide 1gig of memory. check the net, lots of games exceed 1gig though many people are in denial of this.
  4. if you have the money to spend on 2 cards did you think about this at all ?
  5. swifty_morgan said:
    if you have the money to spend on 2 cards did you think about this at all ?

    It is a very good card indeed, however, do you really think it is necessary for a single 1080 monitor?

    Thank you all for your replies.
  6. think i made my views clear above.
  7. Yup the GTX 570 is a great choice for a 1080 resolution, performs better than the 6950.
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