URGENT! PC Problem, Calling all NERDS........

sup folx,

alright, my PC (Desktop) just went bonkers

i was just surfing the web on Firefox 12, had PP and FB open........and suddenly my PC just TURNED OFF!!........and now when i try ti turn it back on by pressing the power button (or reset button).....it POWERS ON for just 1 SECOND and them immediately Turns OFF ....it doesn't even reach POST, doesn't even display any splash screen ASUS logo that it usually does. NOTHING on monitor, doesn't even "wakes up" the monitor

what's the problem folx, i need a diagnoses......has anyone had similar problem here???

OK, i had a similar problem b4 (like 2 years ago) but NOT this problem, b4 my PC just Turned OFF suddenly, BUT it would NOT turn-on at all....thats when my Power supply died, and i replaced my power supply with a new one and its worked awesome since then, until NOW

PC Specs:

AMD Phenom II X4 920 quadcore processor @ 2.8 GHz.........AMD cool & quiet enabled
4 GB DDR2 800 Mhz RAM
1 TB Samsung F1 HDD(system drive) and also 320 GB Seagate Barracuda HDD......both 7200 RPM disks
Lite-on DVD+-RW
Power-X 650 W PSU
ATI Radeon HD 4850 1GB PCI-E 2.0 x16 Graphics card
40" LED-LCD 1080P WestingHouse HDTV being used as monitor hooded-up via HDMI

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit OS
Avira Antivirus and MalwareByte Anti-malware all updated and running when this happened

UPDATE: I thought the problem was my PSU, so i have replaced my old PSU with a new Antec 650W Green PSU.
Its still the SAME PROBLEM

computer powers on for a second but then turn off instantly.

Resetting CMOS.....................did NOT work...

Booting w/ 1 stick of RAM............did NOT work...

HELP Please!
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  1. Sounds like another bad PSU. I've never even heard of or seen a Power-X PSU, though. There is a X-Power, but if that's it, it's REALLY cheaply made, and it wouldn't surprise me that it went bad after only 2 years.
  2. I would have to agree with DJDeCiBeL it sounds like the PSU died that is the first place I would check. If it is a really cheap brand they have a high rate of failure. I would really look into a good quality brand this time.
  3. UR right DJDEcibel, that PSU is HEC X-Power Pro 650W, and i've had it for around 2 years.

    like i said, i got a New Antec 650W Earthwatts Green PSU and plugged it in and its still giving me the same problem. PC lights/fans ON for a split second and then it just turns OFF instantly............NO POST/ NO BIOS.....

    can't be the both PSU's............maybe my Asus M2n-sli deluxe AM2+ mobo is fried????

    or maybe my CMOS battery is dead??

    are these problems symptoms of the above 2 faults??
  4. A dead CMOS battery shouldn't cause it to not boot, it would just revert back to BIOS defaults at every boot. Hmm, if a new PSU didn't fix it, then it does sound like a dead mobo, unfortunately.
  5. sounds like the pc shut itself off so to a dead short. i would take the pc down to just the ram and no video and see if it post with a cmos beep code failure. if it wont post take the ram out..if it still does the same things then you may have had a cap fail on the ,mb.
  6. I have experience the same thing before , I replaced the motherboard and that solved my problem. not sure about your's though...

    PS: lol at the thread title
  7. i narrowed the problem down to CPU or MOBO

    i took out the RAM, i did NOT hear a series of long, single beeps indicating memory problems. Silence indicates a problem with (in most likely order) the PSU (already ruled OUT), motherboard, or CPU.

    it seems to me that there are bad capacitor on my mobo, but im Not 100 % sure...

    i also took the mobo out of the case to make sure its not a short circuit problem.

    so to see if its my mobo or CPU, im gonna take out my Phenom II CPU and put in my old Athlon II CPU.......i also have the heatsink for it and have some thermal paste also...

    if athlon works, then it mean ............my CPU Phenom was bad.

    if Athlon fails too, which means its my MOBO fried

    Any suggestions folks b4 i replace the CPU???????
  8. If it shuts off after only a second it is probably something to do with the cpu. if it's not the power supply then it's either the cpu is dead or something on the motherboard is dead which prevents the CPU from functioning properly (like maybe the power connector for the CPU is broken)

    Either way what you're going to do should get to the bottom of the problem, good luck
  9. replaced the CPU Phenom with an Athlon..............still same problem, no Beeps for NO memory detected => mobo dead

    seams like im gonna have to buy a new mobo

    any recommendations guys??????

    needs to runs my Phenom II 920 x4 AM2+ CPU

    and must have atleast 1 PCI-E x16 slot for my Radeon HD 4850

    will an AM3 run my Phenom II 920??? coz that way i could get DDR3 memory also???
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