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Just wanted to some final thoughts on this build. Cyberpower comes real close to the price point of this build but reading some of the comments i dont think its a good idea. Thank you for all the help. Just wanted to make sure everything is good to go before i started ordering everything. Thanks again!





HDD: Need opinion on HD. 500GB should be enough.

Power Supply: Need opinion..want corsair ...will xfire in future

Optical Drive: Need opinion. plays cd/dvds..

GPU: 7970 waiting to come in stock.. want asus not sure what other brand besides that is good



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  1. You could save a few dollars by going with the Hyper 212 Plus cooler. Just as good. The EVO is just a newer model that is slightly lighter, and ever so slightly noisier due to the small increase in airflow. Cooling results are very similar.

    This is the best deal I have found on a hard drive lately which unfortunately was like $80 only a few days ago.

    Cannot comment on the Asrock as I do not use or recommend them. Only ASUS or Gigabyte for me.

    For power supply with future crossfire I would go with 750w Bronze Certified or better from Antec, Corsair(except builder series), Seasonic, Silverstone, XFX. The XFX is a pretty good deal right now as they are having promo pricing to build the brand. Based on the innards, they seems to be pretty good stuff.
  2. Still debating on if i will xfire in the future..Could you give me any ideas into what PSU would be good if i just used the one card.
  3. Well the AMD spec calls for 500w or better, but the PSU makers don't waste much time with those any more. The newer Certified PSUs are made to be efficient at all load levels, so over sizing is not much of an issue any more. Buying the 750 now would just save you from getting it later for Crossfire. However, the 7970 is going to be a good single card for quite a while I imagine, so by the time it "poops out", so to speak, you will likely be getting a more powerful single card, or even a dual GPU model card.

    Having said that, these would do very nicely for a single 7970 card.|17-151-096^17-151-096-TS%2C17-139-020^17-139-020-TS%2C17-207-014^17-207-014-TS
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