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i have a i7 2600k and was planning to overclock it, but i dont really wanna risk burning it up or after market cooling or constantly worrying about temps and so, this is what id like to know, is the extra performance noticeable? i mean i see the numbers in posted results but is there a real noticeable difference in performance, i create video games, cryengine, source, etc. would OCing make a huge difference using these programs or should i just leave it stock?
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  1. I don't know the specifics but you will definitely see some speed increase. Besides, why did you buy a 2600K if not for overclocking.
  2. Hello topher0455;

    OC'ing won't make you a faster typer or reader.
    You should be fine with doing some testing at stock and overclocked speeds.
    That way you'd know for sure how much it helps your specific workloads.
  3. This might interest you - overclocking insurance for your CPU:
    Intel's own Performance Tuning Protection Plan
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