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Desktop backgroung is ok ( screen ) but no icons show....please help me all my icons in my deskstop missing....any idea i'll do appreciate it...THANK YOU!...
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  1. Bring up explorer and enable 'Show Hidden and System Files' then apply the change and look at your desktop. If you see the icons now, congratualtions, you have a hijacker virus that is a pain to clean up. It goes by several names depending on which version you have been infected with. Usually you have an icon in the system tray, where the time is, telling you it found a number of infections. Google that name of the program and removal instructions should easily be found.
  2. Thanks for your reply and im not for sure if thats the problem....i already bring my CPU twice to the computer shops and they found out no problem i noticed everything are all ok. But its surprising me every time i install at home still i'm gonna have the same problems ( missing icon ).....Thanks!...
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