Stable System $1000 - $1500 Have some parts already

Approximate Purchase Date: This week

Budget Range: 1000-1500

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Games, Internet, Music

Parts Not Required:
Basic Peripherals: [Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, Speakers, Printer]
Intel X25-M SSDSA2MH160G1 2.5" 160GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) – OEM
2 Maxtor DiamondMax 21 STM3500630AS 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Hard Drive -Bare Drive
OCZ Intel Edition 4096MB PC12800 DDR3 1600MHz 2x20 (Open to new memory if needed)
KINGWIN Mach 1 ABT-800MA1S 800W ATX / BTX SLI Certified CrossFire Ready Modular Power Supply
Windows 7 Professional N (Can change if needed, but would need to buy)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

Country: USA

Parts Preferences:
Intel i7 CPU [vanity want]
Non-NVIDIA GPU [Only used NVIDIA for a long time and ready for something else]
Air Cooled [No Preference]
I’ve heard good things about ASUS and Intel but have no data or experience to back it up.

Overclocking: No [Stability > All]

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe

Monitor Resolution:1024x768 [Yes, I’m old]

Additional Comments:
My current custom build is about 3 years old and things are starting to not work right for me. In my mind, it is far past time to move on. Too be completely honest, vanity is a factor in this, but stability trumps all else.

Want to be ready for Diablo 3.. if it is ever released.

Many thanks!
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    MOBO : ASUS P8Z68-V/GEN3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68
    CPU : I7 2600K
    RAM : CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600
    CASE : Fractal Design Arc Midi Black High Performance PC Computer Case w/ USB 3.0 and 3 x Fractal High Performance 140mm fans
    GPU ; SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6870 1GB 256-bit GDDR5
    TOTAL : $854.94 without rebates.
    I choosed new memory because Asus boards have some problems with the RAM's.
    On your monitor resolution maybe 6870 is overkill but you will have verry good gaming experience. If you want something lower 6850 will be fine
    Motherboard support future SLI or Crossfire.
    The case Fractal Design make amazing good and quiet cases.
    If i have your budget i buy a new fullhd monitor : 150$
    If you have in mind to change the monitor buy this video card : 240$
  2. Many thanks sir.

    I added some thermal compound and went with the better video card.

    Soon I might get the better monitor.

    I got an LG that is pretty new so I didn't know if it was of equal quality already.
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