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If I have posted this in the wrong section I am sorry. The computer I am asking about is running windows 7 Ultimate 64

Was trying to get some HELP Please. I recently discovered my son has been downloading and going places on his computer when no one is looking that he shouldn’t be. His computer has been acting strange so I did a virus scan and these are the viruses that were found and moved to chest.

My question is I searched the names of most of these and all I can really come up with is more software programs that people want you to buy. I am looking to find out what these are and are they dangerous to my home network etc… Basically any info on these bad things I can get.

Thank you for any help I can get

1. Win:32FunWeb-K [PUP]
2. Java:CVE-2011-3544-W[Expl]
3. Win32:MalOb-GR [Cryp]
4. Win32:MalOb-IB [Cryp]
5. Win32:MalOb-GZ [Cryp]
6. BV:Malware-gen
7. Java:Agent-LB [Expl]
8. Java:Agent-AEW [Expl]
9. Java:Agent-AEW [Expl]
10. Java:Agent-XX [Expl]
11. Java:Agent-XY [Expl]
12. Java:Agent-ACE [Expl]
13. Java:Agent-AGZ [Expl]
14. Java:Agent-XX [Expl]
15. Java:Agent-YB [Expl]
16. Java:Agent-GM [Expl]
17. Java:Agent-DU [Expl]
18. Java:Agent-GJ [Expl]
19. Java:Agent-DR [Expl]
20. Java:Agent-AIY [Expl]
21. Java:Agent-AIZ [Expl]
22. Java:Agent-AJA [Expl]
23. Java:Agent-AIX [Expl]
24. Java:Agent-AJC [Expl]
25. Java:Agent-AJB [Expl]
26. Java:Agent-AKS [Expl]
27. Java:Agent-HF [Expl]
28. HTML:Iframe-inf (4 of these)
29. Win32:MalOb-GZ [Cryp]
30. Win32:Agent-AGPO [Trj] (2 of these)
31. Java:OpenConnection-Y [Trj]
32. Win32:Wpakill [PUP]
33. Win32:HackTool-CB [PUP]
34. Win32:Agent-ANOM [PUP]
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  1. What anti-virus program are you using? I would suggest you install Microsoft Security Essetials (see below) and Malwarebytes (see below). Both are free and effective and should remove all of the junk on your system:
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