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Hello all, I have a quick question regarding what cpu and mobo I should purchase next. I primarily use my pc for gaming; bf3, Skyrim, assassins creed, d3,and so on. I have 2x6950's crossfire with a 955be phenom. However the cpu is a bottleneck and I want to upgrade to a Intel core. I just don't know if the 2500k is still good and wi last me a while or or if I should go with the new ivy i7. Also, what new motherboard is excellent for crossfire. I have about 500 to spend.

Thank you for all the help,

Phenom x4 955be @ 3.6ghz
8 gigs 1333mhz
MSI 790fx-gd702
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    The 2500k is all the CPU you need nowadays. About the motherboard I'm not sure since I've never used crossfire/sli
  2. The 2500k should do it for you. That and this board:
    and you get to keep the change from your 500. :)
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