Which SSD to get?

Hi all. I'm putting together a system for the first time and have decided to get an SSD for Windows and a couple of games. Right now I've narrowed my options down to these four:

Samsung 830 64GB

Crucial M4 64GB

Corsair Force GT 90GB

OCZ Petrol 128GB

Right now I'm leaning towards either the Samsung or the Corsair. They wind up costing the same after rebate (as do all of these), and the Force GT is bigger, but the reports about SandForce and BSOD bugs and such are make me nervous. The Petrol is the largest, but also the slowest, and from what I've heard OCZ simply does not have a good reputation with SSDs (even with this one being an Indilinx controller instead of SF).

What do you think?
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  1. get the samsung
  2. I am also in the same boat as you and have come to the conclusion 60/64GB simply isn't enough. Get atleast the Force GT its a good SSD.
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