Purchased a cooling fan for geforce 9400 gt..

purchased a replacement cooling fan for geforce 9400 gt. The only problem is that the power plug in( 2pin) fits the other socket not the original (2 pin) socket it was plugged into. The fan doesnt work,, so my question is do you think the fan is faulty or or is the socket that it is plugged into not powered.. please help
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  1. Would help if you told us what aftermarket fan you bought, some of them comes with a fan controller and gets power from the motherboard, not the Graphic card.

    Anyway, im not a expert here, looking for advice on aftermaket VGA fan myself :p
  2. i replaced the original fan ; where the old one was, pluged into one the plugs on the the card itself,, it just isnt the plug the it was originaly plugged into..There are 2 female 2 pin sockets on the card , 1 small and 1 big. The replacement fan car w/ a smaller male connector so i connected into small female.
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