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I currently have 2x HD5770 in crossfire running 3 monitor with res 6036x1080 (w/ bez comp). I frown at this setup because the 5770 can't handle the eyefinity setup. I need to set almost all my games to low or lowest resolution in order to play it. If I disable the eyefinity and just use a single monitor (1920x1080) then everything runs perfectly fine, even at ultra/highest setting. I also dislike crossfire or SLI because my mobo's pci slots are too close together, which makes the top card run about ~18C hotter then the lower card.

My questions is:

What is the minimum single ATI card solution I would need in order to run eyefinity at highest setting, such as BC2, WM3, BF3, Black Ops, etc.?

Also keep in mind I like to install and run IZ3D drivers, which with my current setup will automatically drop my fps down by 10 simply by installing the drivers. If I enable the 3D feature, my fps drops another 35 in eyefinity.

PC Specs:
CPU: i7 930 (stock)
Mobo: sabertooth x58
RAM: 12GB Corsair 1600MHz C7
HD: Corsair SSD 120GB, WD 1TB, WD 2TB
GPU: 2x 5770 (stock)
CPU cooler: Corsair H70 (push/pull fans)
PS: Cooler Master 750W
Case: HAF 932
DVD: LG 12x blu-ray burner
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  1. If I remember right, 5770x2 is around a 5870. So single card would be that or 6950 would be a bit faster. I'd look to a 6950 or 6970 for better frame rates.
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