Moderator reports / News comments badge scores?

Search did not pull up any answers - sorry if it's been asked before.

With a bit extra time of my hands and a little curiosity I took a look around the 'seedy side' of the forums.

I noticed today that that badge point accumulation has restarted for the Moderator reports and News comments.
After being 'stuck' on 3 for ages I now have 4 points.

So that got me wondering what the count might have been if it had been working all this time.
The forum let me check back far enough to see that I should have 10 points for new comments (and possibly more but I stopped looking at 10).
Can't quite do the same check on what my Moderator report count would have been but Im reasonably sure it's about the same.

Now that the counter seems to be working again - is there any chance it will grab some historical data and fill in the blanks?

I'm a bit curious and I imagine there are a few others in the same situation who would be as well.

It could be a matter of a couple gold badges and maybe even *gasp* a Hammer upgrade?
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  1. Yeah, I noticed the same thing. I'm one point away from getting my news gold badge, but I can't seem to get any posts to count towards that specific badge.

    I also lost out on the reporting content badge and had to start my monthly count all over again at 1 :cry:
  2. Something bad must have happened to Tom's servers. I think the problems started about two to three months ago. In all of a sudden article comments rarely had more than one or two thumbs up or down, most of them have zero ratings. The same thing goes with the badges and the rewards; at one occasion I may have like 7 badges and in another I have only one. It would be interesting to know what they are doing. I have not counted my points but they don't seem to move much either.
  3. The "missing badge" problem is usually due to being on a separate Tom's site. For example, when I'm reading a thread that was posted on the UK site (, my account shows 7 less badges than the US site. The different sites track badges independently.
  4. Fair enough, it is an explanation but not a valid excuse as they could synchronize those account related events/information between the servers. Moreover, it doesn't explain why the article comment ratings no longer work, and it doesn't explain why it all used to work before.
  5. The article ratings sort of work. The ratings are being recorded fine if you check the thread that contains the comments, but they aren't read from the database correctly when you view the article page. In all likeliness it's not going to be fixed though, because development efforts are focused on a new software platform which will be rolled out... eventually.
  6. Seems like we've been hearing about an 'imminent' upgrade for a while now :sarcastic:
  7. Last conversation Mod's & Community Reporters had with Joe, he stated their goal was Q1 of 2011, which leaves almost two months. I would expect the Mod's to test it out on a Beta site first to draw out any bugs with it. With all that, I would hope by mid-April all we be fixed (fingers-crossed) & we're up in running on the new system. :)
  8. Have you heard whether it is going to be completely different visually (appearance)? Also, will they be so kind as to reset our join date/points/badges on this upgrade too :lol:
  9. I don't think anyone loses their badge.IIRC Joe mentioned that some essential changes will be made in the forums(the appearance too),also there will be only one English forum(US version) and the UK forms will be gone.(Which makes sense because both UK and US forums are pretty much the same in terms of contents)
  10. Remember that this is an IT project and the vast majority of IT projects:

    1) Go over budget, or
    2) Blow out the schedule, or
    3) Don't deliver on their requirements, or
    4) A combination of the above.
  11. I would like very much to eradicate the UK forum mirror - it serves no purpose other than to generate server issues that frustrate, like the badges problems above. The team is still working on bringing out the new forum upgrade, and ideally it will resolve many of the problems we've seen in the past. As for timeline, Q1 is still what it is slated for.
  12. @ rwpritchett; Thanks for posting. Sorry to hear you rolled back to 1 on the Mod Report badge. Made me realize that mine had not so I was probably correct thinking it's been catching my activity, just not updating it.

    @ tecmo34; besides having Mods (who mostly know what they're doing) thrash through the beta site grab some less (or no) experience(d) types and see if they can figure things out as well. But you probably already knew that.

    @ anyone who might know;
    Is there any chance to grab some historical data and fill in the blanks on the Mod report / News comments badge scores?
    It looks like the raw data is still there in the database.
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