[SUICIDAL COMPUTER] Turns On for Few Seconds Before Turning Off

My computer is depressed. Turning on for a few seconds before offing itself.
I've searched through the help section and read through the troubleshooting on the internet, but my computer won't turn on for more than a split second before powering back down. I've tried to be as specific as possible (that's what most people were telling the people who's posts I read online) so please help me.

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3P-B3
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 265
CPU Cooler: CoolerMaster V8
CPU: Intel Core I7 Sandy Bridge 3.4ghz
RAM: ELPIDA 2GB DDR3 PC3-8500U-7-10-B0
PSU: ThermalTake TR2 RX 850W
HD: WD Caviar Black WD1001FALS 1.0TB
OS: Windows 7 Professional
Chassis: ThermalTake V9 Black Edition

I do very heavy 3D rendering and such for college and used to work with my computer back in September. Essentially, my old computer started overheating so I decided to upgrade and bought a new CPU cooler (CoolerMaster V8).

It didn't help much and a friend told me it might be the PSU, so I bought a new PSU (ThermalTake TR2 RX 850W)...

Then I realized the PSU was too big for my old case so I bought a new case (ThermalTake V9 Black Edition).

THEN I realized the case was way too big for my old motherboard, so I bought a new motherboard (GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3P-B3).

THEN I realized my old CPU wasn't compatible with my new motherboard so I bought a new CPU (I7 Sandy Bridge 3.4ghz) and 4 DDR3 RAM sticks (ELPIDA 2GB) because my new motherboard had 4 slots.

This has been going on since September, because I order things online and it's only after they arrive (about a week) that I realize something else doesn't work. It's been almost 4 months now and I'm left without a functioning computer, money down the drain, and an overwhelming sense of defeat. Atleast once a week I try to fix it --completely disassembling and rewiring. But it still doesn't work. I'm currently the proud owner of all that equipment listed above and some assorted wires but sadly not an owner of a functioning computer. Before my first purchase, I've never built a computer let alone see what was inside. But after about 4 months of reading tutorials and troubleshoot guides, I think I have basics downpact but I still might be overlooking something very simple.

The Problem
My computer turns on for a fraction of a second then automatically shuts back down. No screen comes up on the monitor (this one is obvious), and the CPU fan/Chassis fan start spinning then stop. When I try to press the power button again, I have to unplug my PSU cord, wait a few seconds, plug it back in, then press the power button for the same damn thing to happen.

What I've Troubleshooted So Far
I've read the manuals for the motherboard, PSU, CPU and even RAM more thoroughly than any book in my life. I've checked online to see if maybe some of the equipment is incompatible with one another but so far all of them are compatible.

I've checked to see if it was the PSU's fault by doing that paperclip/fan method shown here and on the Troubleshoot Manual of my PSU. The PSU works when using the paperclip method while plugged only to the fan. Same problem.

I've checked to see if the CPU platform on my motherboard was damaged as shown here and it seems perfectly fine. Same problem.

I've done the "bare startup" recommended here where I try to startup the computer with only one RAM stick installed (in slot 1 according to the motherboard manual), one graphics card, CPU/CPU Cooler, motherboard, and the PSU without connected the extra fans, harddrives, diskdrives, multimedia drives, etc. Same problem.

I've changed out my current CPU Cooler (CoolerMaster v8) with my old CPU Cooler (something stock from intel, not really sure of the exact model). Same problem.

I've "jump started" the computer using this method. Same problem.

I've gone through the this tutorial on Tom'sHardware site and followed the directions for most of the ones that I understood. Same problem.

Possible Solutions/Questions
Because it was too time consuming to continually screw/unscrew the motherboard, I currently don't have the motherboard screwed into my case right now. the motherboard is on cardboard (something someone recommended somewhere online) and connected and wired and all that, but I remember back in November when I started having this problem, the problem would still happen whether I had it screwed in or not.

For the same reason above, I don't have my CPU Cooler screwed onto my motherboard, just wired to the CPU_FAN slot on the MB.

There is one or two wire contacts that seem to be bent just a little bit on my CPU platform on my MB, but would those one or two bent wires actually cause this big of a problem?

I can't help but think that somehow I wired something wrong (as I said before, I've learned all my technical computer gutting knowledge in the last 4 months from reading heaps of troubleshoot guides). I have the case's PWR SW cord connected correctly along with the LED +, LED -, and the RESET SW according to the guide written on my MB itself.

My PSU has "slots" as shown here and I wire everything on my MB using the black slots that say "MOLEX, SATA, FDD Connector" and wire nothing from the red slots which says "PCI-E Connector". Is this correct?

My MB unfortunately doesn't have speakers so I can't report on the beeps that it could possibly be making.
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  1. the bent connector on motherboard could be enough to do no start rma board

  2. (The two bent pins are on the upper right-hand and middle right-hand side.)
    It's only one or two. That really makes that big of an impact? Is it relatively easy to fix or will I have to buy a new MB?
  3. Straighten the pins .... I use an x-axto knife
  4. Have you played with the CMOS Pins? Is there a Jumper on them or are they just blank?
  5. you could try the JackNaylorPE solutions
  6. I'm attempting to straighten them right now...
  7. If you don't sort it PM me.
  8. I straightened the pins and turned on the power with just the MB, CPU, CPU Cooler, RAM plugged in (no Graphics Card). I didn't "jump" my computer but instead wired the case's power button. It worked and ran until I turned it off to try to plug in my Graphics Card.

    I tried to turn it on connected to the GC, and it didn't turn on. So i unplugged the power to my graphics card but now the case's power button still doesn't turn anything on...
  9. I borrowed the MB speaker from a neighbor but after resetting the pins, I got the fans working for a good 30 seconds now with everything running fine (everything is plugged in including HD, keyboard/mouse, etc.). Unfortunately nothing shows up on my monitor. My monitor doesn't register it because the power-on button is colored orange instead of green. Which means that the monitor is powered but can't find a feed.

    Now the PSU keeps automatically restarting every 30-60 seconds automatically instead of completely shutting down like it used to. Any solutions...?
  10. The Thermaltake TR2 RX models are horrible on the inside.

    What did you have before?

    The problems you are having could just be from the liar brand PSU.

    Try putting the old one back in if it still works.

    - Edit - What are all your old parts laying around for that matter (maker/model/age)?
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