Pentium d e2140 1.6ghz Vs celeron d e3300 2.5ghz

so which would you more preffer for gaming and lots of cpu usage consuming programs mark your opinion why?
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  1. Neither...both are way out of date.
  2. as the other guy said they are both way outer date and socket 775 is a dead socket having said that probably about 5 or 6 years ago i had a pentium d 2160 stock speed was 1.8 but was a really good overclocker was happy to do 3ghz all day every day and i wouldnt touch one of the old celerons with a 10 foot pole. honestly for what you want they are both garbage, based on my experience with my 2160 i would take the 2140 and hope it overclocks well too. it will then make a good web browsing or htpc cpu thats about it! :sarcastic:
  3. I use an E2140 for a file server at home...a good CPU, but there are plenty of cheap CPUs which are more modern for a new system (G620, for instance).
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