Only getting duplicate displays on 2 monitors using hdmi cables

I am using:

Zotac GE FORCE 550ti video card with 2 hdmi and 2 dvi-d outputs.

Monitor #1 is the ASUS MT276 27" 1920x1080
Monitor #2 is the AOC 2770VH1 27" 1920x1080

I have reinstalled the nvidia driver and restarted.

In Device manager, I only show 1 monitor, not 2.

I get display on both.

but my only options are:

- one long 3840x1080 desktop that won't separate into halves, so web browsers, or any other program, open half on each monitor, making it hard to follow
- duplicate displays

Is this not possible - to run hdmi inputs on both? I've only ever run 2 dvi, or 1 dvi and 1 hdmi.

Thank you for any help, let me know if you need more info.
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  1. Go to the Nvidia control panel, and under the Display column, there is a "set-up multiple displays"

  2. This is all I have there. There is no second display - it's all read as one long display.

  3. Just to clarify, I know how to set up a dual monitor system. For 5+ years I've had 2 22" set up via dvi, and before this, had one hdmi 27" and one dvi 22", it's when I set up both as hdmi that I'm having the issue.
  4. I haven't heard back from their support. I switched the HDMI on the second monitor to a DVI and they are seen as two monitors. I'm inclined to say that they cannot be run both as HDMI without being duplicate or one big monitor.
  5. Interesting. Looking at the reviews for this graphics card on Newegg (only Zotac 550TI with dual HDMI), it appears to be an issue with the card (did you write one of these reviews?)

    -Wolf sends
  6. No, I don't usually.
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