Building a molex connector out of a sata power connection

Hi guys,
I just bought a new graphic card (radeon 6850).
It comes with one 4 pin molex connector to 6 pin pci-e.
My problem is that my power supply does not have a molex connection, only sata power connection.
My idea was to build an adapter by cutting the last sata connection head from the string and connect it to a molex head.
So I figure out that in need to connect red wire to red wire and yellow to yellow, but what about the black cables?
Does it matter which on goes where?

Thank you
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  1. yes the black is the ground and most important actually.

    if you're feeling really crazy just cut off the sata and molex connectors and hard wire the yellow to yellow and blacks to blacks together; all the PCI-E connector uses is the 12volt and the ground.
  2. So I dont need the red at all?
    And how can I know which black goes to which black?
  3. Thank you but I need it today, and I couldn't find it anywhere where I live...
  4. ok, now please know what i am telling you is VERY risky if you do not understand.

    you can use the ONE black wire from the sata and use it to connect BOTH blacks from the PCI-E. it is called sharing a ground.

    if you are wiring a low amp/watt card this is ok. but if it draws quite a bit of power, then it is extremely risky and can cause severe damage to the WHOLE system. please do NOT do it.
  5. Cant I just hardware like this ?
    I mean to cut the sata and connect like the picture
  6. i am sorry i was not correct thinking 1 black on the SATA.
    that picture is exactly what i think you could do. :)

    and it is good if none of the other sata connections are being used on the same wire for a hard drive..
  7. Which power supply do you have ??
  8. Great,
    And what about the black?
    From the sata The one near to red I need to connect to the one near the red. Even thou it's on the other side Of the red?

    And this is the power supply .
  9. connect the same colors together. one of the black will move from outside(sata) to inside(molex).
  10. Does it matter which one?
  11. Best answer
    not really, at some point all the grounds share.
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  13. Thank you that's what I needed to know
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