Thermaltake Bigwater A80 problems.

Hello everyone at Tom's, I recently got a thermaltake level 10 GT case ( The nicest case I have ever owned ), but the first time that amazon sent it me they sent me a thermaltake Bigwater A80 water cooler. I phoned up and made a complaint and got to keep it.

I installed it last night with the help from a friend, and accidently put the resivouir and fan the wrong way around so that the tubes are going quite steeply upwards. I turned on my computer and cooling seems to be making a sound that I can only describe as similar to a HD at full load. Do you think that I should turn it around... Or that it makes no difference and will be fine?

Thanks for yout help

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  1. If the tubes are twisted it screws with everything. TURN IT AROUND!
  2. They are not twisted but the only way they will fit in my Thermaltake level 10gt without taking of the top 200m outake fan is to put it on the back (This can be done I saw it on the thermaltake website) makes them kinda bend quite sharply.
  3. its sounds like a bad motor but you must have figured that out by now
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