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Video card for HTPC/PC hybrid? Dual output - movies while browsing

I'm going to build a HTPC/PC hybrid. I have been out of the game for a while so I am looking for some help in selecting a video card.

I'm going to use a standard tower case (no need to be ultra quiet either) with one output to a HDTV and one output to a monitor. I want to be able to watch everything up to a Blu-ray quality movie on the TV at the same time as I am browsing the web on the monitor (yea, I like to party).

I'd like to spend as little as possible to accomplish this. I will be looking for deals this weekend but I'm not sure which cards I should be looking for deals on.
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    Anything AMD from HD 4650 on up.

    Anything NVIDIA from GT 440 on up.

    An argument could be made that lower tier cards than those listed would do, but on a new build I wouldn't recommend anything less.

    - if the TV is older than a year or so, and can't do "just scan" (and therefore either overscans or underscans), an Nvidia card might be better because their drivers make custom resolutions much easier, although AMD has overscan-underscan adjustments, but they don't always work perfectly.
    - I only have experience with AMD multi-monitor, but my understanding is that AMD is generally more geared for this sort of thing.
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