Graphics car is working but drivers wont detect it.

Hi guys just building a new computer for my friend and so far everything has been going ok but have now run into a problem and i cant seem to figure it out.

The graphics card i have for this computer is a msi twin forza 560ti and it is all plugged in, powered up and the screen is working however when i go to install new drivers i am told that "hardware cannot be detected". I have gone into the device manager and can see the graphics card listed there, device is working and there doesnt seem to be any issues but no matter what drivers i try to install whether it is the one off the cd or one from invidia which i just downloaded i am told just after the driver install starts that there is no gpu there.

Does anyone have any ideas wat might be wrong here?

Computer parts list if it will make it easier

CPU: 2500k
MoBo: gigabyte gaz68xp-ud4
Ram: g.skill 8gb 9-9-9-21 1600mhz
GPU MSI Twin frozr II 880mhz
HDD: seagate 500gb
Optics: lite-On RW
PSU: corsair hx850w
OS: windows 7 64bit.
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  1. dont worry people i fixed the problem. removed the power and took out the battery left it for 15 mins. put it all back together tried installing the latest driver and it worked. just one of those issues i guess no problems with tests since
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