Which CPU will fit best with 480GTX 2 way sli

Hi everyone,

First, I want to thank everyone for helping me with my previous question regarding the low performance of my 480GTX in 2 way sli.
Now that I have been enlightened that my CPU is most likely the culprit by bottlenecking my 480 GTX's, I want to ask you all for a suggestion.

Which Motherboard and CPU combo would perform optimally with 2 nvidia 480 GTX in 2 way sli configuration?

I have a motherboard question also. The North and South bridge controllers, how much do they effect performance in relation to the CPU and Video Card?

Thank you everyone for reading my post and helping me. Please respond quickly because I just ordered these new cards and I need a game plan if I am going to return them or upgrade to a new motherboard + CPU combo.

Should I follow through with upgrading the motherboard and cpu since I already bought the 2 nvidia 480 GTX's? Or should I just get a refund and get some low end cards?

Here are the specs of the components in question:

Video Card: Nvidia 480 GTX x 2 (2 way sli)
CPU: Q6600 Core 2 Quad operating at 2.4 GHZ
Memory: 8 Gigs of Kingston HyperX operating at 800 MHZ
PSU: 1000 Watt Thermaltake

Thank you everyone. Please reply asap with your awesome advice! I want this deal done and get on with my gaming!
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  1. You just ordered NEW GTX480's??

    Those cards have been discontinued for a long time and were replaced by the GTX5XX series. The GTX5XX series was recently replaced by the GTX6XX series.

    I have to question why you would buy old discontinued video cards. You should return them and buy a modern video card that uses a lot less power. GTX480's are probably the most power hungry and hot cards ever made.
  2. I didn't know they were discontinued. There are like 15 different 480 GTX"s being sold on newegg. Now that I answered your question, would you please help me with mine? Thank you.
  3. I can still return them since I Just got them so I can easily buy some 5 series cards.
  4. I only find ONE GTX480 on Newegg.

    Why not just buy ONE 6XX series like a GTX680 or a HD7970?
  5. Because my CPU will just bottleneck even more. Would you mind not answering my question with another question of your own? Instead please, answer my question and if you have a question, then ask please. Thank you for your help.
  6. Your getting a new cpu right, so how is it going to bottleneck even more?? Your making no sense.

    You want a i5-3570K and a Z77 motherboard and 8GB of DDR3-1600. If you don't plan on overclocking, get the non-k version.

    I can't understand why you would even consider buying two cards that are 2 generations old.
  7. I'm sort of with Geek on this one if you got 1 480 I could understand as they are cheap (I see them there for $239.99) but 2? You could almost have afforded 1 680 which would have sucked less power, tossed out less heat and likely performed in the same ballpark as the SLi setup.
  8. Oh you forgot a few:

    GTX480 SLI is going to require a nuclear power plant to run.

    GTX480 SLI is going to require significant case cooling upgrades.

    GTX480 SLI is going to require headphones so you can't hear the airplane like sounds coming from your case.

    Sandy Bridge or Nehalem?? I would suggest Ivy Bridge and a Z77.
  9. A GTX680 would only require a 550w power supply, create 1/4 the heat, use a lot less electricy and be a lot quieter.

    I don't follow the crowd, I follow the facts.


    Nehalem? Really? LOL
  10. geek approved, you had suggested instead of purchasing a 400 series card that I should purchase a 600 series card. Well I say it will bottleneck my cpu even more because the 400 series cards bottleneck my cpu so why wouldnt a more powerful 600 series card not bottleneck my cpu? Does that make sense to you?
  11. The reason I bought the 480's was because it was on sale for 2. I bought them for 150 each instead of 250, they were on a huge sale.
  12. 480 SLi sucks alot of power
    480 SLi creates alot of heat
    480 SLi still has 1/3rd LESS Cuda cores than single 680

    680 is 20-30% improvement on 580, SLi does not mean you double the performance so granted the SLi 480's may very marginally outperform the single 680 but at the expense of alot of power and heat and tolerating crap like microstutter.

    And what about in 12-18 months time when you will struggle to get a 3rd 480 to upgrade the graphics where as a 2nd 680 will still be around to buy
  13. Hey Geekapproved, I don't really want to hear anymore of your opinions because you are somewhat rude. Thank you for your help however but I will take advice from people that are not so degrading.
  14. MasterWilliam said:
    geek approved, you had suggested instead of purchasing a 400 series card that I should purchase a 600 series card. Well I say it will bottleneck my cpu even more because the 400 series cards bottleneck my cpu so why wouldnt a more powerful 600 series card not bottleneck my cpu? Does that make sense to you?

    You said your buying a NEW cpu. Are you dumb or just it just seem that way?
  15. So you think I should return the 480's and grab a 680 GTX card wr6133? I looked at them on newegg and they were all sold out. :( Thats agood point also about trying to get the third 480 and the 680 will be available.

    That does sound like good logic wr6133. THank you.

    What kind of motherboard and CPU would you recommend please?
  16. I'm just a noobie, please go away geek.
  17. MasterWilliam said:
    Hey Geekapproved, I don't really want to hear anymore of your opinions because you are somewhat rude. Thank you for your help however but I will take advice from people that are not so degrading.

    You say your buying a new cpu because your current cpu is bottlenecking your gTX480's.

    Then you tell me you can't use GTX680 because it'll bottleneck your cpu.

    Who's making sense here?? Not you.
  18. MasterWilliam said:
    I'm just a noobie, please go away geek.

    That's extremely obvious. Why bother coming here asking for advice if you have no intention of listening to what were trying to tell you? :hello:

    Let the noober figure it out for himself, he seems to already know everything, at least in his own mind.
  19. Listen man,
    I might of had a typo, I might of submitted something I wasnt thinking, regardless, I didn't come here to argue with anyone, I just genuinely wanted some friendly advice. I don't feel like being attacked because of a mistake. Will you please troll some other noobie.
  20. You are the only rude one here Geek. Everyone else has been polite, but you know forums, there are always ppl that are rude, and thats you my man.
  21. Your question was answered by several people, but your not listening, so don't bother coming here asking questions if your not going to listen to the advice. That's called ignorance.

    Besides your obviously lying, nobody sells new GTX480's for $150.
  22. I'm not going to listen to your advice. lol.
  23. THank you everyone for your advice, I should of done more research on the 5xxx series and 6xxx series cards before impulsively buying the 480's on sale. I want to thank everyone for their tips and advice. Geek, I appologize if I was acting ignorant. I am not to experienced with all of this and am sorry If I have annoyed you. You all have a wonderful day.
  24. Sorry my last post must have been as you said you paid $150 each for them

    At that price I would tolerate any issues they have $300 for that performance is a good price easily good enough to tolerate any heat/noise issue
  25. What motherboard and CPU would you suggest wr6133 that would be optimal for 2 480 gtx in 2 way sli?
  26. Depends on budget. If you can afford the whole hog the a Z77 board and a 3570k (with a good cooler).

    I wouldnt go below an i5 2500k preferably paired with a Z77 board again but if you need to cut prices a Z68 board

    I think recon-uk can give best advice here as he rocks a set of SLi 480's but if you want specific items a budget would be good preferably a total one so we can figure out what to allow for cooling etc
  27. Thank you both of you guys for helping me and with the tips and advice. When I get off work, I'm going to review those boards and CPU's and compare to my budget. Thank you so much again guys, you guys rock!
  28. Your welcome keep us posted :)
  29. Thank you. I certainly will guys.
  30. I was looking at video cards and comparing what I own the 480 GTX vs the 560 GTX. The 480 GTX has 480 cuda cores and a memory inteface of 384. THe 560 has less cuda cores and less memory interface but higher operating frequencies on the gpu and memory. Which of the 2 cards do you think is better? WHy is it better? Which specification is the biggest factor?

    Thank you. I am trying to learn.
  31. That looked seemless and very fluid! Man thats exactly what I am trying to do! I don't know what you mean Gelid icy vision coolers, I'm guessing thats a heatsink?

    I have software that came with my 480 GTX's that allow me to overclock but I haven't messed with it yet. I'm trying to figure which MB and CPU combo I'm going to invest in.
  32. Oh. Yeah that still looked awesome though.
  33. GTX 480's in SLI are a great price/performance ratio at the moment. I just picked one up last week off Newegg for $210 and another this week for the $240. No card in this price range will provide the same performance/dollar. A huge part of why I retired my Tri-Fire 4870 setup was because I ran into a bottleneck with the 1GB frame buffer. BF3 pushes really close to that barrier on High/Ultra Texture Settings. I was able to play fluidly on High, but it stuttered on Ultra. The 480's 1.5GB frame buffer was a major selling point for me. Sure, there were 2GB 6870's, 6850's, and GTX 560's in that price band, but they still couldn't touch the 480 as far as performance is concerned.
  34. THank you Xenturion, when I looked at the specs, I was blown away by the price/power ratio. Guy up above was crackin on me for buying a 4xxx series card. I am experiencing bottleneck at my MB/CPU. Some nice guys above have been helping me on selecting a good MB/CPU. I was wondering what you think is a good choice for a new motherboard and CPU that would best optimize and allow the power of the 480 GTX shine?
  35. Yeah, I actually read your post the other day. A Q6600 at 2.4Ghz is sadly not the speed demon it once was. Honestly, I'd listen to Recon. The man's clearly got a good head on his shoulders. I mean, I would probably go with a Z77 Motherboard and Core i5. X79 just has a massive price premium that's really not worth it in terms of real-world performance. For a little cheaper, you could go with a 990FX Motherboard and a Phenom II X4. Ivy or Sandy Bridge is probably the best route to extract the most from you 480's, though.
  36. Thank you Xenturion. Yes, Recon is a bad ass and has been very helpful.
  37. 150 for a 480! Nice work. Good buy. Keep the cards!


    That has be be one of the best combos out. Look at the space on that mobo...it was made for a 480 type card (hot one)

    OP: you are doing just fine. You at a 680 for less money and you have a card rather than looking at an "out of stock" msg.
  38. I agree with recon-uk, sandybridge is probably your best bet for price. i would also say go with a z77 board as well. Also good find on those 480's that is a amazing price!! I run 2x 580 and the 480's are not much behind. once you strip your bottleneck you will not be let down trust me on that one!
  39. Hey Recon , The ASROCK Z77 extreme 6 can use sli?

    I looked at the PCI express slots and they look to far apart ? Are you sure that board can use SLI? It doesnt say in the description that its, "SLI ready"?

    Also, can I use a PCI Express 2.0 video cards use sli pn PCI express 3.0 slots for sli? The spaces look so far apart on the motherboard.
  40. I want to thank everyone for their input, tip and advice, thank you very much.

    I am getting paid this friday and will order a new cpu and mainboard to unleash the 480 GTX in 2 way sli. I am very excited.

    I looked at everyones suggestion and I want to get the best performance for my dollar obviously. Which motherboard would you suggest for my 480 gtx in 2 way sli that has 6 memory banks for triple channel configuration?

    Does triple channel make a substantial difference in performance versus dual channel?

    Thank you.
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