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whenever I drag my mouse across the screen to make a selection box and randomly spin the mouse around it forms vertical lines and when I press "F5" (refresh) it goes away, but if I do it again it comes back and that's just the beginning of my problem, the other issue is that whenever I play 3d games there seems to be some longer vertical lines (sometimes huge horizontal ones with colors) that will continuously appear until my monitor freezes, sounds stops, keyboard and mouse become unresponsive. I wasn't sure if it's my graphics card, the ram, or the hard disk because lately my hard disk suffered a crash but somehow it recovered. I need help fast :cry:
Some 3d games show messages telling me that my graphics card is outdated but when I checked at nvidia its totally up to date, other games stop and close and tells me there's a memory shortage I'm really confused I need a fast reply please :(((

here's the picture of my desktop I've encircled the vertical lines with the color yellow for you to easily notice it
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  1. My first thought would be you overclocked your card to much, those lines usualy comes from Overclocking or overheating of Grapic cards, but ofc it could be other reasons aswell...
  2. try to chang your gpu
  3. guys, thanks for the fast replies!!! I really appreciate it. xtroll that was actually one of the problems I had my uncle check the graphics card once because he knows stuff about computers and he said that one of the small cylindrical thingys on the graphics card looks as if it's gonna blow and it had a leak but he had it repaired already I'll check if another one of those thingys (capacitors I think??? if thats what you call them) is already gonna blow up. again thanks ^_^
  4. sadly there were no problems with the capacitor and heat was just a minor problem got rid of the heat after pointing an electric fan towards the interior of the cpu :( but is this normal my clocks readings are "Core speed: around 1660.0 MHz"
    "multiplier: x10.0" "bus speed: 166.0MHz" "Rated FSB: 332.0 MHz" I'm a total dummy when it comes to these kinds of stuff so I don't really know the rules and limits of my cpu I don't want to change anything in the BIOS for now because my pc might run slower thanks in advance
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